Friday, May 24, 2013

Besra Rides!

My two precious pumpkins
Wow.. it has been ages since I updated this blog... again.. so many things have happened since. Besra is now 6 going on 7 and is currently in primary one and lanner is in nursery school and he just turned 4. They get along really well when they r not screaming and fighting with one another which I heard is the norm. hehe... 

Martin's biz is doing quite well... going out to sea occasionally or taking customers pond/river fishing or visiting long houses and proboscis monkeys. All in a day's work for him sometimes.. and other times all is quiet... that's life isnt it... ups and downs. Still I'm blessed that I have a husband who is around most of the time to pick n drop off the kids at school, keep the house tidy and wait for his lovely wife to come home after a long, looooooong day's work. Hehe.. 

Anyway, the family pic was last christmas's photoshoot and i really love the one of the two of them above with the pink background.. oh how my kids have grown... 

As for me.. I'm superwoman as usual... working like a mad-dog and baking up a storm. But this year I've got something fabulous lined up... a fully sponsored trip to USA.... Chicago, Boston, Washington & California all courtesy of the United States Embassy... wow... even I'm flabbergasted at the opportunity to do the study tour for 6 whole weeks and get paid to do it! I'm sure my kids will forgive me for leaving them so long but they have their daddy and nanny and I'll be back before you know it anyway! heheheheh... 

Ok.. gonna upload Besra's achievement today.. she learnt how to ride a bike! A great feat that her mother is totally incapable of doing! Next daddy says she will learn to swim... hehe... I wonder when Lanner will pick it up. I really love these babies of mine and soon they wont be babies anymore.. sniff sniff... cuddle cuddle... 

Right, will try to blog more often... esp since I'm going away soon. Cheerios!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello 2012!!!

Isnt this a gorgeous pic? We take them to the studio every end of the year for our annual Christmas cards... but this one didnt get done till too late so didnt add to the cards... love how cheeky lanner is..and what a sweetie my girl is turning into.

Another year has passed and I haven't been much of a blogger.. life got in the way. Tons to do... between teaching regular school... lecturing.. giving talks.. being a wife/mom/woman/friend and more recently a semi-pro baker ... life is overspilling most days.. i've had a nice close to 2011 with a great beach party and fireworks and even a disco under the moonlight... rang in the new year with a bang indeed.

As you can see.. kids r getting bigger n cuter (every mom thinks so,..) and life is good in so many ways... there are some downs.. but I will assume that 2012 will solve all my woes... and that i can reach enlightenment... oh ok.. maybe not the last bit.. hehe but it's good to try.

Boy is an angel... but hasnt developed linguistic skills yet.. i think he's in the silent period.. absorbing .. understanding.. but not producing yet. Lots of people tell me that when he starts.. i'd wish he'd pipe down. hehe.. we'll see. He loves his lil flower lime green pillow to bits... but we hv hidden that now cos the pillow filling (micro Styrofoam balls keep falling out in making a mess where he's bitten yet another hole in the darn thing!) ... he's so intelligent and spends his time making guns with his blocks and shooting everyone in the vicinity... and he puts his plate/bottle back in the sink when he's done.. :P love this momma's boy of mine.

Besra is also a gem... she keeps saying the funniest n wackiest things like
a) i wish for world peace (customary for us to make wishes when crossing a bridge)
b) look at lanner doing the dishes, he's my minion! (do YOU know what a minion is? my 5 year old sure does!)
c) (after i've scolded her like hell when she released my hair clip) but mommy i just wanted to put this tiara on your hair cos you're my queen (awwwwww... )

anyway.. she's in her final year of kindergarden this year... knows her alphabet well and spells a few words no prob (esp her name :P) but has yet to master reading. one day she'll read superbly and wish she never knew how cos of tons of homework.. so i think i'll let her enjoy being a baby a lil longer n not pressure her.

ok.. will try to be a better blogger this year. :P World peace everyone!