Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Latest Scan of Baby: 6 Months!

Unveiling for the first time ever!!!!! A 3-D image of our little one..
Anya/Georgia's first appearance online! (Drumroll please........!)
ok...ok... the pics r not that clear right now.. but you can just about make out its roundish head, eyes, nose and mouth and i think that's one of her arms by her face...methinks.. actually have printouts of earlier scans but have yet to put it on disc... so here's the latest pic anyway with more to come soon...!
Once again, three cheers for Anya/Georgia!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi everyone.. sorry for the long absence... got caught up in life.. A number of momentous things have happened in our lives, the good news being i'm 6 months pregnant now and it is 95% a girl!!!! will be posting some images of the scans soon and there is this wonderful thing called 3-D imaging now... so you can almost make out the small details of baby's face! More about that in a bit...
The not so good news is that Stassie our lovely dog has passed on. she was 17 when she left us and many will say she had a great and fulfilling life especially with such a loving master as her daddy.. Martin does have a magical way with non-humans... it was very hard for him in the initial stage but life must go on and all is well again. her memory lives on in our hearts forever..
Now back to baby.. martin's description of the scans has been a talking point especially with our doctor. first it looked like a snow monkey, then a jellyfish.. alien next, anteater and just recently it graduated to baby status which is a real relief! needless to say, the doctor and i were not amused... and my mom being my mom (chinese find anything to do with monkeys taboo!), was not impressed either! haha..
Will definitely post the scans up soon... in the mean time.. please email martin at new email addy... martinwiles@gmail.com and audrey at queendrey@gmail.com .
Love to all!