Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year, New Resolution.. :P

Well Besra's birthday was last Oct... so i guess i've played AWOL for way too long now. LOL... life gets in the way, and laziness is a disease! In real life I haven't been lazy at all.. in fact i was back to being a supermom... working all the hours god sent, raising two children, and being a baker chick. was on holiday from nov 19 to end of dec and pretty much spent it making cakes and more cakes. my record was 30 cakes delivered for christmas eve. by the end of the month, i was all baked out. :P nevermind, the money is money.. we all need more money in life, don't we.

Now it's january.. and it's back to work. life is hectic as usual... but i guess it's worth it. if life were too easy we wouldnt appreciate it as much. then again, give me a money tree and i wont have to work myself to death and i would pretty much appreciate life from the couch. hehe.. that can't be a bad life either eh. hehe.

Besra is now in Kindergarden 1. Next year is Kindy 2 and then its primary 1. haha.. she's still a baby. she can write and spell her name... but she can't read yet. as a teacher i should be pushing her and drilling her so she will be the smartest in class. but i dont have the heart to do that. the way i see it, she will spend her whole life studying and reading once she gets the hang of it, so why no let her be a child a bit longer... let her enjoy this 'stress free' time. she's already doin homework, writing out her letters... and her spoken english is quite perfect, so why force her to become an overachiever at this young an age. i dont want her to burn out too fast. so anyone reading this post, what do u think? should i start drilling her so she can read or do u agree that i should preserve her innocence a lil bit longer. hahahha.. besides, she can sing the whole collection of barbie songs, word for word. :P

Besra's latest gems:
1. she goes n gets a broom n dustpan and sweeps up while saying: "Do I look like the nanny?" hahahhahhaha
2. i wish lanner was a bug so i can keep him in a jar because he is sooooooo cute.
3. what the heck? (is this acceptable for a 4 year old?... hmmmm..)

Lanner is growing up into a pretty handsome boy.. he's not speaking yet but you can tell he's a smart kid. he goes crazy when there is music on tv, esp american idol, and starts dancing like mad... hehe.. his latest move is to dance then breakdance with his head on the floor and bum in the air. u hv to see it to appreciate it. hehe.
Here's some things that he does naturally, without being forced.
1. He feeds himself with a fork to poke things and spoon to scoop great big portions n stuffs his face. After he eats, he walks to the sink which is taller than him and throws it in perfectly. He also knows to aim for the sink with his cup or anything else he deems ready for washing.
2. After removing his diaper for him, he carries it to the kitchen, out the back door n subsequently plops it into the bin which is as tall as him. smartypants!
3. He knows how to open the fridge and ask for drinks and food... and points at the cookie jar when he's hungry.
4. He can say mum-mum, nod his head, shake it for 'NO' and he does do the lippy-thing, the pathetic look when he's being scolded. hehe. works like a charm! Oh and his favourite word is "Uh-oh" when he does something wrong. hehehhehe so adorable.
5. and he loves to sing even if it is one word and one note: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anyway, kids grow up way too quick. I've learnt that I've got to spend the time with them, put in the hours, even though i'd dead beat all the time now. they're only young once, and when they get more independent, i'll be the typical mom, pining for their attention. hehe.

Right, so happy new year to all out there. a bit late. but dont worry, chinese new year is coming...
9 days holiday!!! weeeeeeeeee! hugs to all!