Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cindy Lou: Our latest addition

as i mentioned in a previous blog we now have a puppy!! here's a pic of my girl facinated with our new addition.. we had to modify our tiny living room to include her own space.. cindy lou is very sweet but like all puppies cant stop biting shoes!! and of course, martin has already spoilt the little thingy!! ah well..

Suitably chastised by Ashley..

hello.. as the title implies.. i've been a naughty girl, hvnt had the time or the inclination to update my blog with more baby tales.. will do so now before i get another stern warning! LOL..

well September was a nice month.. we went away twice to the tip of borneo.. if you look at the map of sabah, it looks like a dog's head with pointy ears on the top and a muzzle/mouth on the right of the state. the tip of borneo 'Tanjung Simpang Mengayau' is actually the top left dog ear.. the first trip was a nice overnight camping trip just martin and i.. and we organised a day trip two weeks or so later so my mom, marji the nanny and my lil girl could experience it all too. in another car, Leslie and Pilot Paul, our good friends also convoyed with us. it was a brilliant day as the weather was not too hot and sunny and we spent the whole time stuffing our faces as usual as is with any family trip planned by yours truly.. life is too short, live to eat and not eat to live!!

as for martin, he's much happier these days as he still 'works' occasionally if you can even call it that.. basically, his ex boss invites him for fishing trips or sometimes to be a fishing guide for VIPs.. doesnt pay him which is fine cos he gets to fish to his heart's content and at the end of the day, my freezer is filled with fish! wee!

aside from that, our land has been cleared..Marcel aka pastor aka our contractor brought two caterpillars and flattened the ground in a day. he also dug out a 30 by 40 feet pond.. so work is underway now and maybe in 1 year and a half our house will be ready.. the only downside is that marcel discovered a burst water pipe in the middle of the land and its been gushing out water for years.. consequently its flooded the land and made it all soggy.. guess we will hv to wait about 6mths before we start piling. anyway, its good to see things in motion now as it took ages to settle the land title thingy.

as for me, october is great!!!! lotsa holidays and outstation duties .. so i reckon i'll be in school for a total of 7 days this month! hehe weeeeeeeee.. u dont know the sheer joy of waking up late without the annoying alarm clock in my ear unless you've worked every day like a dog for the past 4 mths straight! sighs.. someone's gotta pay the bills right! hehe..

anyway, a final bit to add: besra is almost a year old, gosh.. she's maybe 12kgs now, loves standing and can pull to stand but cant be bothered to crawl which is fine.. hehe.. keeps those knees nice and smooth! she loves running around with the help of her walker and playing in water aka bathtub, baby pool, adult pool, sea.. hehe.. all bodies of water basically. she cant pronounce "M" so i'm still "NaNa" and i love it when i hand her back to her nanny and she cries her little eyes out.. hehe.. feel so loved and needed, i bet all new mothers can relate to that eh!

right, so october highlights include an overnight stay at Mesilau which is at the foot of our Mount Kinabalu (4101m) on 15th n 16th and baby's birthday on 26th. not sure what we'll do for that but i think it will involve close family members and a cake of some sort.. will decide closer to the time.

anyway.. hug hug kiss kiss to all..Selamat Hari Raya cos any holiday is an excuse to have fun!!! and of course sleep late! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!