Thursday, January 31, 2008

Besra has this incredibly cute habit of grabbing my phone and putting it to her ear like so... amazing how kids learn early on how to use mobiles! haha.. i guess they see adults do it all the time so they learn by mimicking.. baby Natalia used to do it too.. always an excellent source of entertainment and amusement.. my girl is the best! lol.. (no biased at all.. snort!)


i know, i know.. christmas is long gone.. but i've yet to update my blog this year so this is a happy pic of baby n i at a seafood restaurant at christmastime taken by martin of course.. it was alex's engagement dinner party and we all had scrumptious seafood in their honour! here's to my lil bro.. and his beau jo.. hehe (it rhymes!) may you have marital bliss from the word go!!! cheers guys!