Wednesday, May 23, 2007

263 Metres up in air, KL Tower.. with Petronas Twin Towers in background..

4th Prize for 1st try.. not bad indeed..

This was Martin's first shot at the Sabah International Fishing competition recently (early May) and he managed to get a good placing. Caught some nice fish but nothing as big as the 50kg escolar he caught in last year's Labuan IGFA tournament. My hubby's a winner.. he got me and baby didnt he!!! LOL..

Ashley, Zai, Zana, myself and a sleeping princess..

Just baby and mommy.. a day out in the sunny park..

And this is how you should paddle your feet, baby..

Up in Kudat, tip of Borneo.. Sylvia, Bea & yours truly.. it was a glorious day trip!

Ashley's baby Ryan is already sweettalking baby Besra! Hey, wait till she's 21!

I swear my mommy's more gorgeous than yours.. hehe

Look mommy its a human candy cane!

Beautiful Beatrice & Her Man Rick with Petronas twin towers in backdrop..

Babies meet at last!

So nice to finally have a chance for the two lovely girls to meet.. Besra meet Krystel and Krystel meet Besra.. aren't they adorable! And the mommies look pretty hot too! This was taken on our short weekend holiday to KL 18th till 20th May 2007. We stayed at Boulevard Hotel.. hence the big bed.. Yay!

Baby's 2nd swim! 6.5 months, 8.3kgs!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Barbeque Girls curtesy of Miss Suanie!

A reunion of sorts.. fab Ashley was the hostess with the most-est last Saturday night with a great bbq party at her house.. Thanks girl for making it happen! And a great shout out too to all who made the effort to come over.. hehe.. i know i'm a meanie, stopping over in KL for only short spurts but hey.. better than nothing right! Baby Besra was also in our luggage.. and she did really enjoy KL although i seriously doubt she'll remember anything. Baby Ryan was a gem too.. he was completely taken by Besra and kept trying to feed her n touch her shoes.. hehe. Anyway, will be back for another visit in late July as my cousin is getting married.