Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Slagon homestay.. 31 August 2007

We just got back from a holiday with most of my family..grandma n grandpa, steeve n jo, alex n jo, luvy n family: was really great! we stayed at a nice homestay.. which basically means someone's home.. something not unlike a bed and breakfast in UK.. except they dont provide breakfast.. stayed there over the long weekend as malaysia was celebrating her 50th independance year..

it was about 1.5 hrs drive from town.. up past majestic mount kinabalu (4101 metres although the HQ is abt 1000+ metres only) and down to Ranau, a small township. It was a continuous food fest! fresh crabs, prawns, winkles (just learnt the word!), pasta, BBQ chicken, fish, beef and to cap it off a steamboat too (DIY soup dish)! oh and it was basically a fruit orchard so yummy durians and mangosteens everywhere.. so delish!

martin caught a 1kg plus 'patin' fish in their pond so he was a happy chappy.. and my brother alex caught 4 or 5 so he was happy too. at night we played black jack and i won some money: YAY! i love winning as you can tell.. hehe

anyway, the highlight of the trip was driving down martin had to step on the brakes as there was a little puppy stranded in the middle of the road and cars literally had to avoid it.. poor thing.. martin being martin jumped down and rescue the terrified little thingy so now we hv a new member to our family: Cindy Lou. will include her pic in the next upload but if u can imagine a little 4-5 week old white puppy with some caramel spots, well that's her! seems like everytime i come down the mountain i add a new member to the family.. last year in oct, i gave birth to baby Besra and this year an instant puppy! hehe.. we r going up again in october so who knows what then!!