Friday, September 17, 2010

Have I lost interest in bloggin...?

Daddy's pond.. :) Day 1.
Reunion of sorts with my highschool mates.. :)
Lanner can feed himself ! Cool boy!
Martin n his fish..
And another fish..
Regular traffic right in front of our house, headed to our part of the river.
Another regular visitor to our jungle house!
Lanner n i up on a hill somewhere called Kokol Hill.. gorgeous view!
my lovelies
Family pic... :) sun was bright that time.. can u tell?
i likey!

i'll protect this house, mommy, dontcha worry!
besra my lil helper baker
leaf insect... !
i can walk!!!
my famous cheesecakes!
at the butterfly farm
Babagon river, priceless!

Martin's 46th birthday. Blueberry cheesecake this time, no a bit of choc in sight!
Happy children!
Another bug!!
My cutiepie!

Hmmm... i think i've been really enthusiastic over sites like FB but less on bloggin cos this actually takes some brain matter action. hehe.. nevertheless, here's a short update on life with the wiles.

Lanner: Has just turned 1 yr n 5 months old today. :) Has 6 teeth, nothing else seems forthcoming but we are not worried. Walks on tippytoes most of the time so we wonder if he'll be a pro male ballet dancer.. hehe laughs all the time as u can tell from the pics, has the sunniest n the sweetest deposition for a child of any age if you ask me, today had a jealousy display when he pushed Besra out of the way cos his mommy is his and his alone! hehe.. loved that! 12kgs, tall for his age, skinniest member of the family as the other three most definitely have guts (beer gut, food gut, baby gut), lanner is definitely the studmuffin! Sleeps through the night so mommy is no longer a night owl.. and can finally get 8 hrs sleep a night for a change. phew.. raising kids is hard work!

Besra: Is a very lively and amazing girl. :) wonder where she gets it from eh! she spends most days singing barbie or butterfly songs n nursery rhymes from memory, pretends she's a princess and talks to her left hand almost everyday cos it is her imaginary friend 'baby spider Jameslah'. She adds 'ing' to almost every thing from mandi-ing (bathing), lay-downing and the most interesting one was when she crossed her legs in the buddha position, put her palms together and declared that she was 'chinese-ing'. Her active imagination also makes use of the 'pretending' concept.. and she usually pretends to be all sorts of characters including my cake mixing machine, or pretending to have a milk bottle to feed her baby spider. the other day i tried to make her promise to be a good girl and she wouldnt say it and when i asked why, she said she was a pretending statue and couldnt talk! cheeky git! haha. funny child. my current fave comment from her was when she was helping me ice the cupcakes and she said 'i love you mommy, you make my life exciting'. spot on, babe, spot on!

Martin: Has been fishing n socialising with new fishing buddies lately.. and has been published in a national fishing magazine as well as a local touristy magazine called 'breeze'. So he's been keeping busy and now busier still with the pond finally kicking into gear. they say it will be done in 3 weeks... will keep you guys updated with weekly pics of the pond's progress. Still keeps fit by strimming the grass around our 1acre plus land.. and he just bought two new toys. another strimmer and another reel. whatever keeps him happy. :)

Audrey: Has been working like a dog up until two weeks ago when school broke for the muslim celebration, hari raya combined with the mid semester holidays. phew!!! running courses at state level to retrain and share new info with teachers is hard work when you're the only one writing the modules and designing every aspect of the course. but someone has gotta do it eh. anyway, there was a lot of politics going on with this whole issue but i wont get into it. suffice to say i did my part in shaping the future of students in sabah and that in itself makes me happy. On the baking front, i've gotten order after order.. so my sideline business is taking off. :) ppl call me to make anything from my signature cheesecakes and cupcakes to apple pies and my biggest order to date is for blueberry cheesecake and brownies for 200 people for a wedding on 10th oct. wow. even i'm impressed. oh.. i forgot to mention that i went to kl for 3 days last week to attend a wedding but i forgot my camera battery so that's that. no pics until the wedding couple post some online.. even then i didnt pose much. ah well... it was still nice to kick back n relax.. finish read a dan brown (god i love him!) book in 3 days and just catch up with old friends n pretend to be a teenager again, out partying till 5am! hehe.

right, so that's life on this side of the world. hope everyone is doin well.. esp those with new babies: my cousin martin n his newborn John Paul.. and Norsham n Christophe with their lil boy. The circle of life, gotta love it!

Lanner riding his horsey!