Thursday, December 21, 2006

How can anyone resist these gorgeous eyes?!

Just weighed baby and she is now 3.5kgs.. which is almost double her weight at birth.. the irony being that she was supposed to be due a few days ago on the 19th.. hehe. so i suppose i was really lucky in that i didnt have to push a 3kg plus baby out the you know where!

Besra's Full Moon Party part 2... at her grandma's.. also my 29th..

Our first video..

Baby Besra at 4 days (1.8kg) compared to 6 weeks (3kg).. wow! She's huge now!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tons n tons of jevellery, gifts and 'ang pows' (red packets) from lovely friends and family who obviously love Besra baby!

A big hug and countless thank yous goes out to everyone who made the two occasions special.. yup.. she had not one, but two parties thrown in her honour.. the first at Langkah Syabas resort on Saturday (25th Nov 2006) at one at grandma's house in kingfisher on 28th Nov 2006 to coincide with my 29th birthday celebration.. sighs.. life is good at 29.. still have a year to enjoy before the BIG THREE-OH!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our family portrait.. Besra is one month old now!

Beautiful Beatrice, Me & Baby..

Sweet Grace with Besra darling..

A String of Hot Chicks!

Clockwise... Luvy, Me, Josephine, cousin Kate, Lorna and my sis Michelle.. hot or what?! ;-)

Hot Chicks Galore!

This pic is especially special as I was at the delivery of ALL THREE babies! Baby Natalia was born 31st Dec 2005 and that's her mum (my best friend and my baby's Godma!)to the far left of the pic. On the opposite side is my super sister Michelle holding her daughter Alicia who was born in April this year. Besra as you know came into this world on 26th Oct 2006. Three proud mothers and three gorgeous daughters.. women rulez!

Granma Belinda & Gramps Jimmy with their grandaughter... aaawwww!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Besra is officially 2 weeks old now...

Well now.. 2 weeks have practically flown by.. and my lil girl is now a fortnight old. i know all mommies say this but i cant help myself, she's is the most beautiful perfect little thing ever! seriously, she's such an adorable little girl...

she's settled into a nice routine now.. waking every 3 hrs or so for a feed, poo then back to sleep. only mothers can truly feel satisfaction over a nice big poo and a big ol burp! she hiccups a lot.. some say cos she's gonna have a poo but all the books i've read seem to say they are harmless and are not sure why babies hiccup. if anyone knows, drop me a note ok! and like all babies she cries a bit when she needs a change.. or while i'm cleaning her belly button with surgical spirit which i suppose is cold n not very comfy... oh and her umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday after 2 weeks.. just like the book said it would... wee! she did start off with a bit of yellow especially round the head n upper chest, but now she's starting to really look like a white man's baby.. thanks to martin's fair complexion. her features seems to mostly mine.. which is a good thing of course, but hopefully she wont be short like me.. looking at her fingers and their ratio to her palm.. i'm saying she'll be tall.. or at least, tallish! my girl's gonna be a top supermodel! ok ok.. getting carried away again. maybe she will be the first woman on the moon then. ;-)

if u scroll down, way down to the 3D scan.. you'll notice that she likes to put her hand on her face, with the fingers spread apart.. hehe.. she loves doing that..she did it in the womb and she does it in real life can be seen in the pic below.. sometimes i have to shove her hands down or to the side cos she's chomping air hunting for my nipple but gets her palm instead n then she gets all huffy like it's all my fault! haha..

as u can also see from the pics below, all hats need to be turned up once, newborn baby shirts need to be pinned on the side and becomes a makeshift dress... all mittens n booties need to be sewn down to half the size or she'd just slip or kick it off.. everything is too small for my tiny baby! but i'm happy to say in 2 weeks she went from 1.8kg at birth, to 1.6kg a few days later (it's normal to lose up to 15% of birthweight in first 2 weeks) and now.. using just gut feeling.. she's prabably 2kgs. she feels heavier in my arms and is the proud owner or a really rotund belly! we like! we like alot! they say babies grow at an amazing speed for the first 4 months, and hopefully it will be the case with Besra as well.

Mommy n Daddy r doing well too. we had our first anniversay on the 5th of Nov last sunday. neither of us figured we'd have a baby in our arms this early.. but Besra is a little blessing from above and we wouldnt have it any other way. we stayed at the resort as they gave us a complimentary first year anniversary stay, and baby had a lovely time being paraded around during the melbourne cup (horse racing n lotsa betting at the bar) but there were some nasty women who looked at me aghast for taking her out of the house before she's even a month old. hey.. read the literature! experts say if they can go out to the doctor's, they surely can have a snooze in the open without too much peril!

on a final note, we've bought a dvd camcorder to record her first everything.. but i havent yet learnt how to convert the format so it can be downloaded on the net via so as soon as i figure that out, u can watch videos of our lil one. in the mean time, we'll stick to daddy's digital pictures.

thanks everyone for your well wishes and gifts.. n thanks for taking the time to read all the ramblings of a typically proud new mother. hugs to all from our little family.. xxx

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Wiles Family Apartment Tour on YOUTUBE.COM!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mommy and baby...


Our baby's little fingers.. compared to daddy's big ol'ones..

One big happy family..

One of our wedding pictures taken with our beloved Stassie before she passed on.. it was taken at the beach where we have our apartment..

Penn (50) International II...

This is our little Besra in direct comparison to Martin's Penn... haha, trust Martin to think up this shot!

Our Darling Daughter Besra Ai-Ying Wiles

She's going to be a stunner with a smile like this!!!! Taken on first day home, Day 4 after birth..

Monday, October 30, 2006


The most AMAZING thing has just happened in our lives.. one minute i'm 7 mths pregnant and STILL having morning a.k.a. 24-hour sickness.. and the next our little baby girl has decided to pop into this world! Yup... I actually woke up pregnant on Thursday (26 Oct 2006) and by 10.15pm baby Besra Ai-Ying Wiles was screaming her way into this world, loud and clear! So incredibly amazing!

To start from the very beginning..Martin had been away at sea for almost 2 weeks as of that Thursday. I picked him up from the marina late in the morning and by noon we were at the resort. I stuffed my face with a huge beefburger and boy was i glad cos i then had nothing to eat until the next morning about 5am (Starving by then!) Anyway.. we got home and talked about how his trip went.. and he said he thought he photographed a beautiful falcon called a Besra.. and i immediately said that sounded like a great name for our baby...Martin said he was just thinking the same thing about a week ago. we looked it up in his many books, and were quite seriously contemplating throwing out both 'anya' and 'georgia' in favour of Besra!

anyway, that afternoon, we did what husbands and wives normally do and then i fell soundly asleep... by 5pm i was awake and about to make fries (of all things!) for martin's dinner when i felt something strange... i walked to the living room and looked at martin and the first thing that came out of his mouth was: "Dont tell me your water broke?" and BINGO, that's exactly what happened! Oh my god... we got into the car and drove past the house we were supposed to visit for Hari Raya..(Malay New Year Celebration.. there goes our free dinner!) and headed straight for the private clinic.. Doctor Sarva was at hand cos there was another delivery... and as soon as he examined me he confirmed that the water bag was ruptured, i was about 3 cm dilated and delivery was imminent and that i had to rush to the govt hospital at Likas cos he didnt have the facilities or specialists to handle such premature cases... yikes!

So we drove over to where the hospital was.. and managed to drop by the MacDonald's drive thru cos Martin was starving (as you do! hehe..) and he ate his fish fillets while i had my first very mild contraction.. hehe.. even sounds funny to me now that i think of it... ;-) anyway, that out of the way, we headed for the emergency ward and they checked me in, asked me to fill in forms n wait for doc while martin was supposed to just take a seat outside. mind u this was a public hospital so we were never going to get star service anyway!

contractions started coming stronger but they didnt strap on the contraction detection thingy properly thus couldnt tell that i was actually having contractions.. baby's heartbeat dipped from 150 to about 60 every time i had a contraction and the docs couldnt figure it out.. they were debating among themselves (there were many.. and young!) if i was a Type 1 or Type 2.. i presume type 1 is normal and type 2 is more complicated.. and they got me to turn left and turn right and restrap the thingy to figure out why baby had such an erratic heartbeat.. anyway, this was 7pm onwards.. and by 9 something they were wheeling me into the labour room (alone!) and i passed my whole family and some close friends standing in the waiting hall and the doc was speaking to martin so i assumed all was well.

the service in the labour room was pretty good despite all those young doctors zooming in and out.. and abt 5 different nurses.. Dr. Angeline and an indian doctor (one on each side) talked me through it.. and literally after a few more contractions which were tolerable (i'd heard and seen worse before!) and one great big push (which the doctors both shouted for me to stop pushing cos it was coming out too fast, yeah right, as if i could stop!) our little girl practically SHOT OUT into this world crying her lungs out! Dr. Angeline said thank god for the cord and called her a little flying angel... and that she is..that she is.

anyway.. the downside was that being a public hospital on holiday mode.. no one actually told martin and my family that i had given birth.. they were dozing off in the waiting room and it wasnt until martin managed to ask the doctor who was passing by and he replied: "Oh, she had it about an hour ago!" so u can imagine martin was not a happy chappy.. but all turned out well cos everyone was so happy that Besra had arrived! They were a bit shocked at the revelation of her new name but we figured she chose it herself by coming out the very day we mentioned it!

Lil Besra was put in an incubator at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level 2 and transfered to a normal cot less than 24 hours later. Her lungs passed the test, and later after 2 days more of NICU Level 1, she was cleared for jaundice and discharged home! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! meanwhile her daddy was running around town with my fabulous sister Michelle buying stuff like clothes, bedding and car seats and finally picked us up and drove us on her maiden journey home sweet home...

she's since settled in and daddy's taken lotsa pics including one of her smiling like a million dollars and a comparison shot with his beloved penn international(50) reel. also an adorable shot is her little fingers compared to daddy's...

needless to say it has been unbelievable... fingers crossed that it will be smooth sailing from here.. lotsa love to all.. xxxxxxxx

Monday, October 09, 2006

Latest updates on Baby n Hubby!

Baby First:
Well just went for a scan on Sat.. and doc says baby is a-o-kay although slightly underweight.. didnt want to pose for a 3D shot so will hv to try again in 2 weeks. Found out for sure now though that the bump bugging me right under my right ribcage is her BUM! gosh and when it contracts every now and then... believe me.. it can get pretty uncomfortable! sighs.. the joys of motherhood.. they tell me it is a divine feeling. we'll see. hehe...

Hubby Next:
Have included 2 pics of him here.. one was taken during the International Labuan Fishing Competition in the Spratly's last April... 50kg Escolar or known locally as oil fish, his biggest fish this year.

The other shot is a 1kg+ Patin (a type of catfish) Martin has been after almost every weekend for the past month or so.. haha. the one that got away was supposedly +/-3kg. we go there quite regular on weekend evenings now.. and the other day i caught 17 fishes and 2 halves but that's a whole other story which we wont get into here.. haha.

anyway, martin is on a high right now, cos he's just been forced by his management to fish for 2 weeks in Layang-Layang (north borneo, deep waters) where he's supposedly escorting 4 marine scientists parked out there to do research or some kind or other. lol.. i imagine there is no 'forcing' involved at all... but i'll definitely miss him seeing as he hasn't been away from home that long since we've been married.. sniff *miss him already! guess will have more to report when he comes back so till then, hugs to all!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Latest Scan of Baby: 6 Months!

Unveiling for the first time ever!!!!! A 3-D image of our little one..
Anya/Georgia's first appearance online! (Drumroll please........!)
ok...ok... the pics r not that clear right now.. but you can just about make out its roundish head, eyes, nose and mouth and i think that's one of her arms by her face...methinks.. actually have printouts of earlier scans but have yet to put it on disc... so here's the latest pic anyway with more to come soon...!
Once again, three cheers for Anya/Georgia!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi everyone.. sorry for the long absence... got caught up in life.. A number of momentous things have happened in our lives, the good news being i'm 6 months pregnant now and it is 95% a girl!!!! will be posting some images of the scans soon and there is this wonderful thing called 3-D imaging now... so you can almost make out the small details of baby's face! More about that in a bit...
The not so good news is that Stassie our lovely dog has passed on. she was 17 when she left us and many will say she had a great and fulfilling life especially with such a loving master as her daddy.. Martin does have a magical way with non-humans... it was very hard for him in the initial stage but life must go on and all is well again. her memory lives on in our hearts forever..
Now back to baby.. martin's description of the scans has been a talking point especially with our doctor. first it looked like a snow monkey, then a jellyfish.. alien next, anteater and just recently it graduated to baby status which is a real relief! needless to say, the doctor and i were not amused... and my mom being my mom (chinese find anything to do with monkeys taboo!), was not impressed either! haha..
Will definitely post the scans up soon... in the mean time.. please email martin at new email addy... and audrey at .
Love to all!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And here's us.. love of my life. xxxxx Posted by Picasa
Typically Stassie has her a bit of wood n enjoyed the day immensely! Posted by Picasa
My parents to the left of Martin and my favourite aunt Sharon and her daughter Shanon all the way from KL.  Posted by Picasa
Sunset cruise around the islands of KK, on top of the world.. with the captian at our side.. couldnt have been more romantic!  Posted by Picasa
Immediate family group pic right after the signing ceremony..  Posted by Picasa
Martin & I at the signing ceremony with mom and my brother alex as witnesses. It took all of 5 minutes to be declared man and wife! Posted by Picasa

Wedding highlights

So the wedding actually came and went and i couldnt have been happier. The day was pretty much a whirlwind experience because we had so much packed in for one day.. it started really early as the hair n makeup lady arrived to make me pretty and then i was off to the chinese chamber to meet my groom at 10 am. When i phoned to check if he was there waiting, the cheeky man said he was still having a beer at the resort! I nearly screamed in horror.. in fact, i probably did! Anyway, arrived at the signing hall.. and all went like a breeze. A few signatures here n there.. and we were man and wife!
Anyway, back at the resort, friends n relatives started pouring in for our lunch reception, the first of three parts. Reason being, lunch was for mainly colleagues and later close friends of the family were invited for a dinner reception. In between, we had a fab time on the sunset cruise around the islands of KK. By the end of the night, we were just tired as heck but happy. Couldnt have asked for a better day... Anyway.. pics are above... more pics can be seen at the kodak gallery site but you'll have to email me your email address for me to send you an invite. mail me at Take care y'all!