Thursday, July 05, 2007

Look mommy.. I can walk! ok.. sort of.. hehe

Hello hello.. Baby is so big n strong now.. this is what she enjoys the most.. she can't seem to get enough of standing up.. i've heard some people say that they will end up bow legged but hey, according to the latest literature, it's all old wives' tales anyway. She's now standing proudly at 55 cms, 9kgs at just over 8 mths. what a difference from her initial 1.8kgs!!!

Anyway, what's happening in the Wiles' world... well i'm busy as hell with school.. got a really crazy principal who works us like dogs! plus all the other stuff i have one the side, ie tutoring in university, running my tuition centre and home tuition.. lol.. feel like an octopus sometimes!

Martin has officially submitted his resignation. He just got tired of working like a dog too.. and at the whim and fancy of his employers. Plus now he has something else to keep him busy.. did i mention that we finally found a gorgeous piece of land? It's a bit out of town but worth it if u ask us. In the future I might end up complaining like hell cos the drive to the uni each way is one hour but we are seriously considering hiring a driver cum handyman.. hehe so i might become a "Datin" after all!

More about the land.. it's in Papar in a village called Nagapas.. very scenic.. about 1.5acres with fruit trees.. and even part of the Papar river is ours so we will definitely build a tiny jetty. The house we intend to put up is roughly a 40x40ft one with many rooms as we intend to use it as a B&B aka fishing haven what with the river and the fully stocked pond with catch and release fish Martin plans to have.. anyway, that is for the future.. will try to put up a pic of the land but it is a bit messy now as it has recently been cleared.. not sure if you can make it out..

Anyway, suffice to say that i'm happy, and martin n baby are happy.. oh and i miss my best friend Beatrice who is now in UK.. but i am so happy for her that she has now settled down amicably well. i hope. LOL.. to friendship!