Monday, July 26, 2010

All good things must come to an end...

My 2010 AMC Conversational English group on their last day of lessons... after 20 lessons and 4 months, I hope i've made a difference in their lives. :-) I always close with drama presentations by each group and I give out hampers ... but this year we also had a sing-along session and watched some of the drama replays.. and it was a day of endless laughter and memories. ;-) congrats everyone!

One of the drama groups... all adult learners with a child at heart.

Me on the way to AMC.. hehe... testing the camera.. LOL.. or simply being vain.

So all good things come to an end..that is the cycle of life.. when one window closes, a door opens.. trick is to find that other door... lol.. not as easy as it seems right!
Anyway.. we just hv to appreciate the good ol memories, and try to make new ones and hope that along the path of life, we make some really good friends and be thankful that we had a chance to hold hands with some kindered spirits in this great big world.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our kids r growing up... ;-)

Both of them love one another and always have fun together.. can u tell by how huge their smiles are?! :)
Besra is my ever-willing cake tester! Here is my pink spongecake with fondant icing. ;)

Lanner being loving.. sighs.. he is growing up sooo fast! soon he wont want to hug his mommy!

n here he is cuddling up to daddykins.. ;-)

Yup.. besra goes to nursery now.. my baby's growing up fast!

Here's how she scored in her mid term exams... she aced all the main subjects and got 3rd in her class! hehe... hw adorable! wonder where she gets her brains from.. ahem.. hehe

She has my genes!!!!! hehe

*clap clap* well done baby girl! keep it up!

Besra and jane doing arts n crafts pottery painting at the kids' club, marina harbour. ;-)

hehe... lanner sure loves mommy!

besra popping bubbles and having a screaming good time on our balcony.. thanks uncle wally n auntie chris for the lovely gift!

Besra took this pic.. she's super clever using the digital camera.. unlike the patriach in the family.. who don't know jack!

Just the 3 of us... ;-)

Besra's first trip with her schoolmates to the local wildlife park.. ;-) can u find her?

All aboard the Besra train! hehehe

Besra said as i was taking my time trying to frame this picture: "Mommy, you suck at this!"

Don't look, it's a nekkid boyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Two lil sweeties! :) Arts n crafts time!!

Besra doing some arts n crafts with mommy... :) her lil butterfly mask!

Thanks auntie sharon for my pretty dress which fits perfectly! how summery is this!?!?

Lanner having a DIY haircut at home... we r on our balcony... the patch to the right of this pic is the empty pond yet to be completed.. and in the green background somewhere is our river... :) pretty scenic.. i wish i could explain in words just how beautiful this place is... :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Martin's recent fishing exploits..

Labuan International Fishing Tournament this year.. 27kg grouper.. didnt enter in the prize but we did manage to sell the fish for a good price.. :) no way am i gonna clean that thing!

on the same tourney he also caught two huge escolars or otherwise known as oilfish with razor spiny spikes all over its body. one way 40 and the other 20kgs

Matin's big catch at the Sabah International Fishing Tournament. a 4kg puffa fish! quite cute really.. hehe he'd make a mint if he were in japan!

Another newbie.. a hairtail fish.. i like the bright silver colour and its 'parang' like shape.

This year has been a year of interesting fish caught. Some very nice firsts for martin as you can see from these pics. ;-) If you didnt know, he's on the executive committee of the Sabah Anglers' Association where he's been elected as Sabah's Angling Master.. A large group of anglers came from Philippines recently and we had a full course Chinese dinner at Winbell restaurant. Half way through the meal Martin was invited to give the phil anglers some pointers in fishing sabah waters and he did so brilliantly.. hehe Well Done, honey!

Friday, July 16, 2010

How beautiful is this?

i love my government, my income tax dept.. ;-) hehe.. how beautiful is receiving a cheque u never expected.. with such beautiful numbers>!!!?!?!? heheh.. in chinese 8 means fortune.. hahaha... so i've banked it in... and am waiting to reap the benefits.. gimme suggestions on how to splurge!!! hehe..
on a different note, besra has coined a new term again and it was hilarious... hehe she wanted to say 'sharp' but she didnt remember the word so instead she said: "Mommy, this stone is POINTICATED." mommy ze english teacher is very proud of her and her morphological skills! hehehe..
hahaha.. Lanner is still a stunner. I'll upload more pics in the next blog. just wanted to get this online here n now.. hehehehehe *floats!*

Saturday, July 03, 2010

My professional life has been taken a step (or two) higher

huge thanks to eric for being chief judge, mel and adam for being such a stunning couple, lesley for caring to judge our simple competition, nazirah for being a great judge and a great sport.. and then there's me, in black, as usual. hehehehe
my winning team, how proud am i? immeasurable! :)

some of the girls with their typical peace signs.. hehe..

just before going up on stage. the first girl is our conductor, Michelle Wong. great job, girl!

wed afternoon we had an extracurricular assembly and my kids presented their choral. ;-) this is their final stance. ;-)
i spent wed night baking 40 plus cupcakes for my students.. and i think they were super happy to get one each after the competition. hehe. ;-) choc fudge double choc chip cupcakes are always a hit. lol

well well well.. whaddaya know... life is finally what i consider 'BLISS'. esp where my career is concerned. this year has been a year of achievements, no matter how small. i've been put in charge of the badminton club and we won our way past two minor level competitions to reach the state finals in kota belud. needless to say the school and boss were proud. on the english teaching front, this year i've hit the jackpot with the debate competition (that's two years running now) and with the choral speaking competition i'm sure you already know that we won second place. never won before so literally we went from zero to hero. hehe and this week there is a public speaking competition and i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

now the juicy bit. so choral ended thurs, and the very next day i went to school as usual. half 8 am i got a call from the Director of Education for the Papar District Office (Mr. Abidin) and he summoned me to his office for a 10am discussion. phew.. that was a long 1.5hrs wait.. u never know what it could be: praise or punishment. hehe.. in the end, i found out, it was a bit of both. lol

praise because he had heard that the choral speaking competition which my school organised went so smoothly even brylcream would hv been proud! hehe.. ok.. no one uses that hair gel anymore and i'm digressing. anyway, he was really impressed that our school did so well (again, zero to hero) and that the competition was a resounding success esp since i managed to garner the help of Lesley Hewitt as one of the 3 judges. (thanks too to Nazirah n handsome Eric Banana). basically he was intrigued that i'd managed to get an orang putih (westerner) to come judge our choral speaking competition. (thanks again lesley!) and then here's the clincher.. he's decided that next year we will present a choral speaking presentation during teachers' day by the Papar District Teachers Choral Speaking Dream Team... comprising english language teachers from the primary and secondary school around this district. and who, i hear you ask, is in charge? hehehehhehehe... MOI. ME. YUP. AUDREY. hehehehehhe...

i quite like the idea of this momentous task... esp since the man himself declared that i am to be the conductor and coordinator of such a program. self inflicted punishment because i can see tons of challenges and pitfalls along the way, but hey.. the view from the top must be nice right? hehe.. so we discussed for a while longer and then i went back to school to report to the principal.. and he took the news smilingly.. and proceeded to ask the oddest thing: had i gotten my APC yet? (it means the excellent performance award) and i answered not yet.. and then he just smiled. hahaha.. thanks boss, i appreciate the thought. unlike some accusations, i'm not power or glamour crazy (well not all the time!) and it is just so good to have our sweat and toil recognised, even if it's just in the thought that it crossed his mind that i deserve the award. hehe... i told him not to worry about it, and that i can wait.

on the minus side, i've made a few enemies in my life and i dare say i hv one breathing down my back right now. she said i labelled her (i swear she's a slacker! hehe) and then does the hypocrite by labelling me "The Principal of English" because i'm so "Bossy" and that i'm "Gila Glamour" (Glamour Crazy) and that "Saya mau tampar perempuan itu" (basically she wants to slap me). Oh how professional. haha so i've decided to fight fire with ice. hehe.. i went to school and said good morning to her and oozed pleasantries to her the whole morning. guess she thought i'd gone insane. hehe.. make love, not war. hehehehe. i was just telling everyone that i can forgive her almost everything (including the comment that my body has been this size even since before i got married),.. all except for one thing she said in front of me, right to Lanner. she said, and i quote: "Anak cina memang tidak mandi pagi kan? then chuckled as if she was funny." translation: "Chinese children never take baths in the morning, right?" How dare she insult sweet, handsome Lanner!!! some ppl are full of crap. hehe.

anyway, so that's my life right now. we've had great news from aunty sharon regarding our ex-house in england, so thanks sooo much for your help. family stick together.

Besra said an amazing thing the other day, she was sitting in the buddha position (lotus?) with her palms together, closing her eyes.. and when i asked her what was she doing, she replied: "I'm Chinese-ing." hahhaha.. what kind of 3.5 year old thinks up such things? hahahhahaha very cute.

Lanner can walk quite well now, and he is such a joy to be around. never cries unless he wants me to pick him up.. eats anything esp sweet fruits like watermelon and mangoes... plays happily with his ball, shapes and simply finds pleasures even in the simplest things.. like gecko droppings which he likes to pop into his mouth when we're not looking! hahahhaah

anyway, this blog entry has been a long time coming. i'm just so glad to have a computer again. hugs to all... where ever u may be in the world, be safe. xxx

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