Monday, July 26, 2010

All good things must come to an end...

My 2010 AMC Conversational English group on their last day of lessons... after 20 lessons and 4 months, I hope i've made a difference in their lives. :-) I always close with drama presentations by each group and I give out hampers ... but this year we also had a sing-along session and watched some of the drama replays.. and it was a day of endless laughter and memories. ;-) congrats everyone!

One of the drama groups... all adult learners with a child at heart.

Me on the way to AMC.. hehe... testing the camera.. LOL.. or simply being vain.

So all good things come to an end..that is the cycle of life.. when one window closes, a door opens.. trick is to find that other door... lol.. not as easy as it seems right!
Anyway.. we just hv to appreciate the good ol memories, and try to make new ones and hope that along the path of life, we make some really good friends and be thankful that we had a chance to hold hands with some kindered spirits in this great big world.


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hi..all the best to your future..