Friday, November 14, 2008

6cm Wonder..

He/She's shy!

This little thing is showing its back view, head, bady and tiny legs and arms.. such a wonder to think that this life is me is causing so much hormonal chaos resulting in my puke fits.. sighs... scanned last monday, doc said all is well, heartbeat is strong and development is just right for a 12 week feotus. i've been craving beef and more beef up until recently.. and they say the more carnivourous you are the more the chances it will be a boy. ;-) in fact, i'm pretty sure its a boy. to contra that, the doc said that its lodged on the left hand side of my womb and some hotshot doc in canada did a big study and found that there is a 92% chance for a female child if the placenta begins on the left. hehe... like they say though.. what will be, will be. i dont mind. frankly i prefer a boy cos besra is so obviously daddy's little girl.. and i'd like a mommy's lil boy for a change! hehe.. ;-)

Anyway, the doc gave me a jab to stop the hideous puking but it didnt work... now though i feel better.. but dunno how long this good spell will last. in fact, had to run out of the registration hall a few mins ago and puke in the drain. sighs. will the joy never end???

right, at the end of the day i should be glad all is well.. fingers crossed that the ride will be smoother after this... *wink*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

home.. as of nov 2008!!!

This is what home looks like as of this month.. the piling has long since been done, the foundation laid, the pillars erected and now they are building the base of the 1st floor... what they do is they somehow manipulate steel rods to make the skeleton of the floor but they do it about 3 feet raises first, martin says so they dont break their backs, then we guess they will lower it into the 1st floor before dumping tons of cement on it then finally we will have a floor to walk on! next up which the contractor says will start at the end of the month is the intricate roofing work... yay!

will have a home to be proud of soon and everyone's invited!!! there'll be plenty of guest rooms and we welcome everyone to come over and stay with us... and now with cheap longhaul flights available soon, everyone can fly! ;-) anyway, just thought you guys would like to know our progress in the home dept. hugs n kisses to all! cheerios!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Besra's 2nd Happy Mickey Mouse Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to our darling daughter.. Besra! Everyone blow now!Oooo.. Can't wait to chomp into Mickey Mouse!
Yummy! Look mum, i can feed myself cake!

Besra's turned 2! and it was a cosy n lovely party... with lot's of nice presents for baby including a big pink bicycle she can't ride yet! hehe.. thanks everyone for the lovely cards and presents and thanks too for the gifts from aunt sue and uncle glyn... Besra is one lucky lil girl!
As you can tell, she's really into Mickey Mouse, especially those interactive cartoons. She even answers all the questions Mickey asks her. She one clever little thing! She's come a long way since her birth from 1.8kgs to 17kgs now. Anyway, she had a brilliant time.. our lil girl is growing up so fast!