Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Besra's 2nd Happy Mickey Mouse Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to our darling daughter.. Besra! Everyone blow now!Oooo.. Can't wait to chomp into Mickey Mouse!
Yummy! Look mum, i can feed myself cake!

Besra's turned 2! and it was a cosy n lovely party... with lot's of nice presents for baby including a big pink bicycle she can't ride yet! hehe.. thanks everyone for the lovely cards and presents and thanks too for the gifts from aunt sue and uncle glyn... Besra is one lucky lil girl!
As you can tell, she's really into Mickey Mouse, especially those interactive cartoons. She even answers all the questions Mickey asks her. She one clever little thing! She's come a long way since her birth from 1.8kgs to 17kgs now. Anyway, she had a brilliant time.. our lil girl is growing up so fast!


ash said...

Besra looks absolutely wonderful. Ryan sings Happy Birthday every chance he gets (every time he sees a candle). Do you think if he called and sang to Besra she'll like it?

Audrey and Martin Wiles said...

hey ash... sure she'd love it.. in fact she sings it to herself often too! but she cheats cos she says 'happy to you' and conveniently misses out the 'birthday' word cos i guess its hard to say. hehe. hugs to ryan.. still waiting for you to start your own blog u silly woman! wanna see your choice family, diving n travelling pics.. !

Sister Sharon said...

Besra looks lovely, really cute. Once again tho' Martin is first in line for the cake!!!