Thursday, August 20, 2009

People who matter... ;-)

Just thought i'd blog abt the ppl in my life who are not always around but not far from my mind.. Here's a pic of Martin and Christina my favourite cousin in the whole wide world.. She's now off to london after almost a decade working for Star newspaper in Perak.. and the silly chit has only a diploma but has been accepted into the Masters program of creative writing in a uni in Edinbrugh.. haha.. no degree but a masters, how cheeky is that!!!! lol... Anyway, am super happy for her.. may you enjoy every second of your time overseas and snag a passionate partner or two.. hehe. ;-)

As for my best bud since secondary school.. Luvy, we've had our ups n downs in life.. sometimes we're in the same carriage careening in figures of eights in the bright blue sky, screaming at life's every corner! This one's for u girl, thanks for being there when i needed u most, for letting me abuse you when i was giving birth to Lanner.. for just being u...hugs to the godma of both my children, from your gorgeous girl's godma! ;-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My childhood bestfriend's wedding, congrats Linda & Jassnie!!

Linda lookin stunnin! Just the two of us.. ;-)

The lovely couple! The 3 musketeers!!!

Last Saturday, history was made.. hehe the last of the 3 musketeers is safely married away according to her father! i thought that was quite a funny way of puttin it! anyway, take a look at that dress! linda has always had a way of making ppl's heart stop, not just jassnie's that night! lookin more than gorgeous girl!

Lin n I have been friends since primary 4. used to hang out at her house alot.. n can even remember her mom taking us to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the cinema.. haha.. spent alot of time just hanging out at her house... She's been gettin bouquet of roses for valentine's since primary school.. haha.. luckily i'm a strong character or it would have really bugged me to walk in her beautiful shadow all these years! hehe..

Another highlight of the evening was catching up with Deviana... she's actually Linda's other best friend (yeah yeah i know i have many best friends, but they r best in their own categories!) and it was nice to just chat with her and see where life has taken us since graduating from secondary school.. ;-) hey Devi, if you're reading this, after u finish your baking course, remember to call me for the tasting session! hehe!

To Lin & Jas, so happy for u guys, u both look great together! May you be blessed with many gorgeous children and a happiliy ever after! hugs n kisses!

Devi & I.. catchin up! ;-) Devi & hubby!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Look at me! (Says Ms. Vain.. haha)

I just couldn't resist... this pic is just too good not to share, even if i have to say so myself! Was out at the Cock & Bull pub and didn't get home till abt 3.30am. Some Kiwi friends came to town so had a nice time pub hoppin. ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More happy shots!

Last week Martin caught this African Catfish within seconds of flicking his baited hook in the pond.. haha.. we've discovered the magic of raw chicken guts.. pretty gross stickin it into the hook but hey, if it works, it's worth it!!!! If you wanna know where to go pond fishing in Kinarut, ask us cos we hit gold this time round!Besra doin her sisterly duties very well... watch over him girl, you're after all his big sister.. love him with all your heart, girl, just as mommy n daddy love u deeply too. ;-)
He he.. khaima n baby boy with squishy faces!!! Such joy!!!
A kodak moment for sure!!! Liza you're so cute! Aloy as adorable as the baby you're holdin and well, Martin's martin. hahah.
I swear daddy-o, if you use chicken guts you'll catch 'em faster and bigger!!! LOL Ask Koala, he knew this wayyyyyyyy before I did!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy birthday hubby!

Yes, it's another chocolate cake to mark yet another year gone by! Celebrated in town at Texas Bar and Restaurant... invited tons of Martin's friends but told him that it was another friend's going away party as they were migrating to Sydney for good. He almost bought the story until some of his friends dropped him some really heavy hints!!! but all in good humour. silly man wasnt even going to show at one point cos he had a company fishing trip the next mornin with an obscene wake up call... haha i had to phone his boss to talk him into going to the dinner n gettin to the marina later than usual... phew! imagine a surprise birthday dinner with no birthday boy!!!! lol... my gift of the gab would surely be put to good use then!

Anyway, thanks to ya'all who showed up and made Martin feel young and carefree again.. hehe.. we haven't had a good sit down dinner with friends and family in such a long time... but for me the highlight was the after party cos while martin headed home, we got our lil bums across the road to a pub called Shenannigan's and partied till Cinderella's hour! I even played pool n practically beat the guy! gosh i miss my single n carefree days but at the same time my children are the centre of my universe now! Overall, we had a bloody good time and to Ivy, Kevin & baby Sean, all the best in Sydney, and we hope to drop by for coffee one day not too far in the future! PS tons of pics on FB.

Sistas in crime!
Cheers Ivy... enjoy your new life n dont forget us!
Aloysia n I, best buds!!!

Sisters!!! (younger sexy sister Audrey (moi!), hot chick sister-in-law-to-be Joeanne & hot mama tai-ka-jier Michelle! & Dowager Empress Belinda!
Like my dress?
Tequila shots at the after party!
Just the girls ... *wolf whistles!

Me by the pool...

Had a brilliant time on sunday... just chillin at the poolside where martin works... marji stayed home with lanner while bes and i swam (or pretented to do so cos she only wades n waddles using her floatie). then we went to the beach to make sandcastles n i got bitten by tons of sandflies (still itchin now!!! bastidos!) before ending up in the pool yet again.. sighs.. if all sundays were like this, life would be paradise!!!

I've put pics on Facebook cos my school's broadband is down and consequently uploadin pics here takes forever via my mobile phone connection. this pic here of me on the pool sunbed was taken with my phone.. small file so very easy to upload.. anyway, will give the other pics a go in a min, keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

this one's dedicated to ashley, her lau kung n her prince charming!!!

Pics were taken mid last year when i popped by kl for a visit.. ;-) i'm sooooo impressed that you're finally bloggin! haha, like i said, finally got you off your cute butt! am lookin forward to reading your every menial thought! hehe.. ;-)
How cute is that???? ;-)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy shots!

They're lookin at me mommy... my first public oratory.. what shall i talk abt? hehe
I love this frog suit n so does my daddy!! hehe
the loves of my life!
Chitra taking the role of babysitter!
Kids having fun on their playdate... Karin, Besra and Anil.. ;-)
Aunty marji n baby boy!!! Look mommy my name's on the bib! Thanks godmama Liz!
My lil poser!
Daddy's girl... princess of our hearts.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Food Fanatics!!!

wow, i've read 4 blogs today n they all revolve around food! Bea wrote abt philly cheesecakes, Fely is having a serious chocolate meltdown, escape has gone on a pizza rampage and the most shocking of all is doria is now popping pills for high blood pressure due to yummy food overload!!! Aiyahkahrambahhhhhhhh!!!

It's amazing what a hold food has on us and it always brings back my uncle's voice in my head as he said this when i was still a kid... "Do you eat to live or live to eat?" No doubt we the new and more affluent generation are connoisuers of the greatest commodity: Food oh Glorious Food. However, i think it's about time we all took a step back and reassessed our eating habits.

A cyclist friend of mine said that losing weight is a simple mathematical equation. less input, more output. simple as that. in other words, portion control n execise!!!

Ok.. so i propose we go NOT go on a DIET, but wholeheartedly undertake a LIFESTYLE PARADIGM SHIFT! Shall we call it the Breakfree Diet? Ok.. these r MY rules, you may adopt or adapt to suit your own needs...

Objective: Be fitter n healthier n make better food choices in life.
Target: firmer, leaner body n hopefully the weight loss will sort itself out. (

1. give up meat when you are feeding yourself either at home or when you eat out.
2. you can still eat meat when someone else is paying or providing as in they 'treat' or 'spend' you (haha what a malaysian term that is!) or you're at a party or 'kenduri' lah!
3. eat as much veg as you like but with tiny portion of rice or carbs, consider the difference between a) eating veg with rice or b) eating rice with veg (u should be opting for (a) cos rice should be more of a side dish than the main staple)
4. replace protien cravings with eggs or tofu where possible.. or hv a small piece of meat so u dont die craving but save it for the LAST bite!
5. and it's OK to have a slip-up once in a while.. life is not a prison state u know! just remember to spread the fat: if u r eating a slice of cake say, get a friend to eat the other half or give it to your kids. think PORTION CONTROL!!
6. my doc says 30 mins sweating n laboured breathing a day, 6 days a week for a healthier you. so find something u like doin n do it intensively for 20 if not 30 mins a day.. copulation counts as a physical fitness activity too! LOL

Anyway, you can all help by adding more rules/tips/guidelines by commenting here and i'll compile the Breakfree Diet n post it on Facebook.. lol.. maybe it will get so famous everyone will be doin it just like the Atkin's diet.. hehehehehehhe! but at the end of the day, i'm hoping our quality of life will improve after this..n we will break free from all health n weight woes! To enjoying life to its fullest in the healthiest state, come raise your glass with me n cheers!