Monday, May 25, 2009

More lanner's full moon pics.. ;-)

Lucky parents of two adorable kids!
1st taste of champagne for my baby boy... ok.. i didnt really... but the rest of us did!

Passion for cake!

All of us... the Koh Clan plus godma Aloysia... a toast for Lanner, welcome to the world!

Thanks Liza for the choc cake!

My lovely lil boy... so serene... hope he doesnt turn into a lil terror in the future!

just the four of us... ;-)

thanks mom n dad for celebrating my full moon! weeeeee i'm super happy! gurgle gurgle!

Lanner's godma.. Aloysia and her lovely woman.. Liza..

Two cousin babies! Lanner 17th April 2009, 2.95kg, Dylan 19 April 2009 3kg. Jo and I are super proud mommies!

Friday, May 22, 2009

17 May, Lanner's Full Moon Party

Grandma cuddling the star of the party! He's wearing a blue baby outfit given by sister-in-law-to-be Joeanne which reads: CHICK MAGNET. hehehehehehehe.. ;-)
Whoa... thanks to the tons of people who came for Lanner's full moon (1 month) party... lots of lovely red packets were collected plus all the pressies you can see in the pic. we had the party last sunday at 3pm at Langkah Syabas Resort where Martin works and a fantastic time was had by all! Lanner drank his milk, burped, slept, peed n poo-ed and the cycle repeated itself so i doubt if he knew we were celebrating his safe arrival! hehe.. anyway, lots of people took turns to cuddle him and give him his milk...;-) Lanner boy.. your fan club is gainin in number by the minute!

This was before the festivities took off in the restaurant. Hot chick in the pic is Beatrice, Besra's chinese god-mother or better known as Khai-Ma. ;-) We arrived a couple of hours early so Besra and her friends Chelsea and my god-daughter Natalia could frolic in the pool.. awww... look at my lil waterbabies below...
Some of the first to attack the delicious food.. spaghetti, fish fingers, chicken wings, homemade beef sausages, feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad, tuna and egg sandwiches... needless to say, the snack menu was a hit! ;-)

once the cake was cut besra had to have her share! hehe... anyway, i havent collected the photos from the professional photographer so there will be a part two to lanner's party shots. especially want to include the cake cutting and champagne toasting pictures with the whole family. hope to get the pics soon. ;-) anyway, glad baby lanner is doing well, and baby besra is a big girl now. ;-) have 1 more month of maternity leave left then it's back to work. at the moment, i'm savouring every minute of it! hugs all round!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Martin's biggest grouper to date... 22kg

As i mentioned before, Martin went for a fishing competition recently and landed this huge grouper. He was quite disappointed with the fight it put up, or lack of fight to be exact. for it's size the fish didnt give much resistance. Anyway, its still his biggest to date. This year, martin's team didnt do too well in the overall competition but one of his teammates got an individual prize. ;-) ah well, there's always next time!

More pics of my boy...

Just the three of us... ;-)

Besra and daddy by our mango tree at our land. ;-)

Lanner in a froggy suit, sent from Oz, thanks Liz... Besra wore it too when she was that tiny. ;-)

Lanner's foot in my hand... so u can imagine how small it/he is.. ;-)

Best seat in the house!

Owww... in this pic he's grabbin my finger... a bit red n yellow so you can tell this was before the transfusion. he looks like a chinaman in this pic. i assure u he no longer looks like this. ;-) he's much cuter now!

Lanner Boy!

This was taken the morning after Lanner was born. my sis was at a dinner party in a posh restaurant and when i called her she popped by the gift shop n bought lanner the green turtle with the cute huge eyes. ;-) plus she got me tons of chocs... man i havent needed a sugar rush so bad, all the puking made me weak. haha.. go chocolates!

One big happy... Daddy, Besra, Mommy n Lil Lanner the day i got home.. at 2.95kg lanner was almost twice besra's size when she was born... and this time, giving birth actually hurt! martin had to endure me screaming in pain when the contractions came and kept getting closer. when we arrived at the clinic, it was 3 mins apart so i was screaming like mad! he says it was torture listening to me. hehe.. at least he suffered a lil!

This was the 3rd morning... he was more red than yellow and like i said before, besra had a bit of yellow and it went away, so i assumed the same, besides he's of mixed blood... tot that's just his natural colour!

Martin n his reels.. ;-) this is his penn 50 and if u notice in the picture, martin has actually bought another penn 50 cos it was a good deal.. hah! He took a similar shot when besra was born as can be seen here below. hehe.. my two lil cherubs can have a penn 50 each when they r old enough... ;-)

So do you think the two kids look alike?! if u ask me, they really do! even the mannerisms when u hold them and burp them. hehe. but besra has bigger eyes and cried a lot more too! lanner is a quiet one, for now that is! ;-)