Monday, May 25, 2009

More lanner's full moon pics.. ;-)

Lucky parents of two adorable kids!
1st taste of champagne for my baby boy... ok.. i didnt really... but the rest of us did!

Passion for cake!

All of us... the Koh Clan plus godma Aloysia... a toast for Lanner, welcome to the world!

Thanks Liza for the choc cake!

My lovely lil boy... so serene... hope he doesnt turn into a lil terror in the future!

just the four of us... ;-)

thanks mom n dad for celebrating my full moon! weeeeee i'm super happy! gurgle gurgle!

Lanner's godma.. Aloysia and her lovely woman.. Liza..

Two cousin babies! Lanner 17th April 2009, 2.95kg, Dylan 19 April 2009 3kg. Jo and I are super proud mommies!

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reanaclaire said...

with the "angel" song at the background, it makes your blog so meaningful and touching!