Monday, June 01, 2009

Besra's one-liners

Lil children say the cutest things.. here r some of Besra's bests...:

1. After watching Ryan Seacrest: 'RIGHT BACK MOMMY, RIGHT BACK!"

2. When she's jealous: HOW ABOUT ME MOMMY? (In her sad, pitiful voice)

3. After daddy kisses her: MY DADDY PIKEY! (PIKEY:SPIKY STUBBLE, she cant pronounce the 'S' well)

4. When she's excited: PRESENT? FOR ME??? YAY! (Jumps up and down)

5. When she's being loveable: I LOVE YOU MOMMY. I LOVE YOU DADDY. (using the cutest lil voice ever!)

6. When she wants attention: TALK TO ME MOMMY!

I particularly like number 6... so incredibly adorable... anyway, just thought i'd list this so that one day Besra can read this and say: That was me?! ;-) I love my lil girlie... ;-)

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