Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Bes n I.. n the girls.. ;-)

Kate (left) and Cora (right) are virtually Besra's big sisters, esp if u see them together.. they adore her and vice versa and they r great at looking out for her and entertaining her for hours although Bes can be a demanding lil 2 n a half year old.. spent most of the afternoon today with Besra and the girls at Martin's workplace and they had a blast swimming in the pool and making sandcastles.. in this pic, the girls buried Besra's legs and she found it really amusing.. ;-) Cora being buried to the neck and if u look carefully she has fake sand boobies! hehehehehe..
anyway, lanner stayed home with the nanny while Bes and i had some quality time together and later with daddy too.. feeling a bit melancholic cos Tuesday is fast approaching and i actually have to go back to work after 60 days of maternity leave. ah well.. gotta get back to reality some time eh!

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