Monday, June 29, 2009

Full Circle

Went for Cora's 8th birthday party last saturday night.. can u guess who's behind the balloon, mask and under the pointy hat! hehe.. she had fun although mommy wanted to beat up a lil boy for pulling besra by her ponytail.. n then there was a girl who threw sand in bes' eyes n made her shriek in shock and pain! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... mommy talons extendin!
latest pic! finally managed to take a smiley pic.. hehe.. he's a big boy now my lanner. i called him my cutie pie.. n when bes heard, she said "Noooooooooooo, he not your cutie pie!" n when i asked why, she replied: "You don't eat him!" hahahahhahahahahah kids say the cutest thing!

my graduation cheongsam... bought 8 years ago... yay!
I won! I won! yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Great news! I can fit into my purple pheonix CheongSam which was my graduation outfit 8 years ago! hehe.. i've lost and am still losing weight so this is further motivation to lose more and get back in shape. my gym buddy aloysia is once again happy with me as we can resume our strict regime of 30 mins intensive every weekday. lol.. before you know it i'll be paper thin! yeah right!

anyway, we had a Teachers' Day celebration at my school SMK Majakir last Saturday.. and while i was singing the national anthem i could feel the tears well up. has it really been a year since my demotion fiasco? last year i went to see the principal on teachers' day, depressed as i'd found out the ministry was planning to place me some 130km in the jungle away from civilisation in a place called Gadong, Beaufort. with puffy eyes cos i cried tons, i went to see him n they were at the hall celebrating teachers' day. he thought i was reporting for duty so promptly announced to the whole school to welcome me, their new english teacher... gosh i was mortified! even went up on stage to take the teachers' oath and sing the teachers' song! but then it went so well after that, once mr loh found out abt my predicament, he said to enjoy the celebration and he would deal with it.. lo n behold, 2 weeks later, i was officially placed in his school. hence the end of my nightmare!

so last saturday my life came full circle. in one year, everything has changed. i'm happy now, love my job, love my school, love my family esp my two kids and hv an almost completed house. I even got the best dressed award and mr loh did mention me in the speech again, this time to say how elegant i looked. there was singing, clapping and lots of laughter.. and i sang the teachers' and school song full of pride. what a far cry from last year. i really must count my blessings... ;-)


escape2 said...

congrats and the purple looks good on you

Miss Mathew said...


p/s: I remember tht cheongsam! we took pic together on our graduation day, U in ur cheongsam, & I was in my kadazan costume :)

tiee said...

congrats! u deserve it. a lot more. and u do look good. i'm goin to beat ur weight as well. haha...yea right.

PengPeng said...

a very very nice post :) and glad to hear you're happy.