Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally learnt to download pics from my handphone! hehe.. silly me!

1. BabyLanner, 17th April 2009, 2.95kgs, natural birth, 6.30pm water broke, 7.58pm entered the world. 43 weeks old, 5weeks premature but happy n healthy. Pic taken the next morning. ;-)

2. 18th April, baby n mommy in passenger seat while daddy drove us home for the first time. ;-)

3. Sleepin peacefully in his crib at home.. lookin a bit red n yellow though...

4. Eyes open shot.. sort of metallic blue colour.. may change to brown eventually like Besra's.

5. At hospital Likas.. probably day 3 or 4.. cant really remember. was there for 7 days. day 1 had full blood transfusion.. this was when his jaundice level stabilise and he could wear clothes again.. prior to that lanner was naked under the uv light for days with only fake black eye glasses to protect his eyes. tubes still in his hand as shown above. my boy is strong.. didnt cry much like the other kids.. n he's pull through brilliantly!

6. mommy n baby boy.. on the road to recovery..

7. Daddy n baby just before he left for his fishing tournament.
9. Family shot at the hospital.. view of the sunset in the background..

10. My boy in a froggy outfit! used to be Besra's and prior to that belonged to Liz's kids (Australia).

11.Awwwww.. so cute!

12. One eyed pirate or punk rock kid? hehe.. which do you think?
13. Besra doing a mommy.. ie breastfeeding the baby turtle! go figure! heheheheh

14. A month old.. managed to put on a whole kg even with the jaundice scare.. 3.8kgs.. nice n round now. ;-)

15. A brilliant picture if i say so myself.. two cousins... Dylan n lanner.. my boy is older by 2 days (5 weeks premature) while cousin Dylan was 10 days overdue.. hehe.. go figure!

16. Taken today.. what a big strong boy he is now.. possibly 5kgs.. can lift his head and shoulders up for quite some time.. marji my nanny says kids 3 mths old only can do this.. its a great milestone cos the docs said to watch his development in case he's affected by the jaundice episode. so far so good.. physically developing well and passed his hearing test. fingers crossed!

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