Monday, October 13, 2008

When i'm least expecting it...

I'M EXPECTING!!! 1.18 cm, left side of womb, heartrate 175 beats per min
3D Imaging.. just a lil cluster of cells at the moment...

Well it's nice to know Besra will have a sibling soon.. but it does throw my world into a chaotic tailspin! I'm back to being as martin 'lovingly' calls me.. A Pukey Monster! keep throwing up anything, everything and nothing.. and have 'decorated' the school gardens more than a few times now... sighs..

We are both happy to have another one.. although it is a bit early.. wanted to wait for the house to be done first before embarking on my 9 month pukey journey but hey.. i guess martin's tadpoles just couldnt wait. he's been going round telling everyone that they wear tight shirts with a huge letter S on the front... that's how super his taddies are!

As for Bes... she doesnt quite get it yet... but what warms my heart is how she treats her little play baby doll... puts it lovingly in her pram.. pushes her about, feeds it milk and even wraps a nappy around it.. so i guess she's telling us she's ready for a little baby sibling!

Anyway.. the lil one is abt 1 cm long now.. just a cluster of cells with a heartbeat of 175 beats per min.. aloysia who accompanied me to the gynae was really impressed when we heard its lil heartbeat... t'was so fast! she was doubly amazed with it pulsing away at full speed on the ultrasound screen. as of today, i'm 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant.. and baby is expected on 27th May 2009... gosh.. how many pukey more days is that??!?!?!??!?! sighs.. the joys of being pregnant eh... grrrrrrr!

Anyway, we shall be thankful for little miracles.. just everyone out there keep your fingers crossed for me that the nausea stops cos i really cant take all this upchucking. sighs.. as always, hugs to all!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The good ol days... heheh blast from the past!

Thanks Doria for this great pic! Walpole Castle.. what a long time ago that was..this pic was taken in my salad days.. hehe 23 years old.. at St Mary's University College, Twickenham, London... 2000. sighs.. that was our group.. one thorn (Zaki) among a bunch of gorgeous roses! hehe.. now almost all of us are married, have kids and basically gone on with our lives.. hehe.. as for me, i did the unthinkable, ie.. i'm still working for the government of Malaysia as a bloody English teacher! who would have thought eh... everyone would have pinpointed my name as first to abscond.. hehe but i did better than that, i brought my man home and planted him firmly in malaysian soil! heheheheheheheh...

to all of you guys in the pic, i luv ya all!!! god bless and keep in touch! if you're reading this drop me a mail ok! cheers! hugs all round!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


As you can tell, Martin had the time of his life end of Sept when he went for a 3 day sailfish angling trip to Kuala Rompin, Johor (West Malaysia) accompanied by his best buddy Chris, NZ Noel and David. He chalked the highest number of sails landed totalling 7 sailfish ranging from 25 - 40plus kgs. Martin had never caught billfish before and he says their acrobatic feats in the water were simply stunning. makes me wish i had been there so i could say i caught one too! Everyone took turns landing fish and the camaraderie was brilliant according to him.. men and their hobbies eh! says that it's definitely in the fishing calendar for the years to come. cost Ringgits 8900 for all 4 people to go (inc accomodation, day meals, transfers but not flights and dinner) so if anyone is up to it, contact martin to plan a trip for next year!