Tuesday, October 07, 2008


As you can tell, Martin had the time of his life end of Sept when he went for a 3 day sailfish angling trip to Kuala Rompin, Johor (West Malaysia) accompanied by his best buddy Chris, NZ Noel and David. He chalked the highest number of sails landed totalling 7 sailfish ranging from 25 - 40plus kgs. Martin had never caught billfish before and he says their acrobatic feats in the water were simply stunning. makes me wish i had been there so i could say i caught one too! Everyone took turns landing fish and the camaraderie was brilliant according to him.. men and their hobbies eh! says that it's definitely in the fishing calendar for the years to come. cost Ringgits 8900 for all 4 people to go (inc accomodation, day meals, transfers but not flights and dinner) so if anyone is up to it, contact martin to plan a trip for next year!

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roly c said...

hi martin
looks like you had a great day out ,i guess the gloves are needed . roly