Saturday, May 31, 2008

Penang & KL 6D5N - Romantic Getaway!

This has been the first time we've made a trip without baby.. miss her heaps but baby Besra is in good hands. ie Nanny Marji and great friend Aloysia.. ;-) We left on monday 26th for Penang and spent 3 days there.. hotel was a bit of a dud.. crowded and old and dead fish everywhere on the so called sandy beach!.. but the tram ride to Penang hill with English Cream Tea saved the day! On Wed we flew to KL and stayed with Ashley the hot mama.. was great to meet up with her & family esp Ryan boy (who insists Besra is his girlfriend!) and Lyanna (Ash's gorgeous twin) as well as the lovely lili..was fab to catch up after so long. thanks Suanie for the great pic! glad to see that we are all plodding along happily almost a decade after graduation.

Thurs morn we went to visit Contessa aka titi at her place in Shah Alam.. her 2.15kg baby Baby Bayu Iman Rania was a little darlin! (will add pics later).. Now in Aunty Sharon's house in Subang Jaya.. will be flying home this evening and about time too.. Holidays are fine if u minus the fact the pockets get lighter (retail therapy!!) and taxi people try their luck on ya! hehe.. oh to be back in my own bed and cuddle baby again! weeeeeeee! and i bloody miss my car! Vroommmmmmm!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Marsha..our distant relative up close!

Went to langkah syabas resort last sunday (18th may) to see marsha.. hehe.. so cute. what made it more memorable is that all the girls got together after wayyyyyyyyyyy too long! hehe.. audrey & besra(1yr 8mths), vicky & krystel (almost 2) and luvy & natalia (2yrs 5mths)... soooo much fun.. and yummy english sunday roast! nothing beats a big chunko meat on yorkshire pud!!! weeeeeeeeeee we luv ya marsha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Us with grampies! & my 2am ramblings..

Another picture taken from the day we had a mini party for aloy and jo. my mom belinda and dad jimmy were definitely enjoying themselves. it's the little things in life that we all cherish so much because life is indeed too short and if you're not careful, it'll pass you by in a blink. baby loves granma and grampa lots!!!

been thinking about it... friends mean so much to a person, especially true friends. it is sometimes logistically and logically impossible to be with every friend each day but that doesnt mean that we dont hold them dear at heart. since i've faced so many problems on the workfront, i've really come to know just who will step up front for you and who in my time of need, just shied away. anyway, to get to the point, some of you read 'the return from absence blog entry', and contacted me and honestly, i was so touched.. ashley and shui han.. you know who you are, big hug! miss you guys and will definitely catch up soon.

ah friends, a close friend of mine had a cancer scare recently but they managed to remove it. luvy, i'm praying to the powers that be that it wont recur. beatrice has had a tough time with her dad in hosp recently undergoing an angiogram. he's out now, doing well so my fingers are crossed there too. another best friend, vicky, is having family problems and i hope too that it will be solved soon, the giant step now that her family knows is a welcome relief so soon there will not be any more hiding away. so many lives which could all do with a bit more happiness and a lot less worries, you're always in my thoughts.

with the recent cyclone in myanmar with 60,000 either missing or dead and the earthquake in china yesterday killing abt 10,000... its just so frustrating that natural disasters rob them of their peace of mind. and it kills me to know that the junta militia is refusing aide simply because they are too stubborn and regimented at the expense of innocent human lives. all of which makes my problems pale in comparison. i guess it puts things in perspective.. that yes i lost out to a biatch ex principal who as good as engineered my being axed. and yes, its turned my whole world upside down and left me in a state of limbo. but hey, look what good came out of it (job opportunities left and right-- applied for teaching post at uni and was offered a position in a exams dept of education office). and gosh it makes you so thankful for the perfect little that you have like a loving husband (albiet an annoying one), a gorgeous and highly intelligent baby, a fantastic nanny for baby, a house-to-be and my various part time assignments with the Uni, college as well as the advertising agency (which is fantastic cos i'm starting to see my work published in the papers, as flyers, banners etc). the long and the short of it is that i'm definitely counting my blessings. nothing worse that looking a gift horse in the its mouth, so the one up there, if you can hear me, thank you for the joys in my life and please spread the happiness around as my family and friends would really benefit form them. oh an pls do something abt my ex-principal and the junta. may karma hightail towards them and bite down on their butts so resoundingly hard that they never knew what hit them! sighs.. if wishes could be made to order... hehe. anyway, i still believe in the intrinsic good of mankind, and that people only do bad things because they are trying to save someone else... u know like in le miserables: john valjon (wrong spelling i know) stole bread because he was desperately hungry. ok, enough rambling. time for bed. its abt half 2 in the morning and i couldnt sleep... now, i think i will hit the pillows and cuddle up to hubby. g'nite all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When you gonna take me fishing daddy..

Look! I'm all dressed up in my mickey fishing shirt... hehe. This is one of baby's new looks.. simply adorable.. and you bet she gets what she wants when she pulls this face.. LOL. One day soon daddy's lil girl will be catching her first fish!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

1st April.. Happy Birthday!

we celebrated Aloysia n Joanne's birthday on a sunday 30th march.. we had tons of food and good times! cheers to the two of you!! Good food, great friends, fantastic family, what could be better!!!

Play time!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Peekaboo! Don't worry baby, mommy's gotcha!

Celebrated Aloysia's and Joanne's birthday on sunday 29th April
so had the family come round and baby had fun at the playground.
It was a nice homey, comfy and lovely day.
There should be more sundays during the week! *wink wink*

Baby's first trip to the University Aquarium

This was baby's first visit to see the big ol fishies in the big ol tanks. actually it was a small aquarium with small tanks but from her point of view, hey, everything's gigantic!! we had fun that day pointing out the fish and waving at strangers. it was an impromptu visit cos actually, we were checking out the beach at the campus where martin was supposed to have a fishing competition the following weekend. guess how many fish he caught on that day. nada. none. tiada. elek. hahahahahahah.. but he said it was fun anyway. fishermen are weirdoes and i married one!!!

Baby & Daddy at land..

This was taken the day they were measuring out our 40 by 40 ft house. Martin bought baby's shark shirt even before he met me. hehe.. how sweet.. dont they look so rugged together?? LOL.