Saturday, May 31, 2008

Penang & KL 6D5N - Romantic Getaway!

This has been the first time we've made a trip without baby.. miss her heaps but baby Besra is in good hands. ie Nanny Marji and great friend Aloysia.. ;-) We left on monday 26th for Penang and spent 3 days there.. hotel was a bit of a dud.. crowded and old and dead fish everywhere on the so called sandy beach!.. but the tram ride to Penang hill with English Cream Tea saved the day! On Wed we flew to KL and stayed with Ashley the hot mama.. was great to meet up with her & family esp Ryan boy (who insists Besra is his girlfriend!) and Lyanna (Ash's gorgeous twin) as well as the lovely lili..was fab to catch up after so long. thanks Suanie for the great pic! glad to see that we are all plodding along happily almost a decade after graduation.

Thurs morn we went to visit Contessa aka titi at her place in Shah Alam.. her 2.15kg baby Baby Bayu Iman Rania was a little darlin! (will add pics later).. Now in Aunty Sharon's house in Subang Jaya.. will be flying home this evening and about time too.. Holidays are fine if u minus the fact the pockets get lighter (retail therapy!!) and taxi people try their luck on ya! hehe.. oh to be back in my own bed and cuddle baby again! weeeeeeee! and i bloody miss my car! Vroommmmmmm!

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