Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Foundation...

The house is coming along well... considering it has been a year marred by increased prices of raw materials, contractor's difficulty in getting legal workers (sabah govt is conducting a mass raid of immigrants hence the huge exodus of labourers) and money woes with the world economy facing its current financial uncertainties. that aside, everything is just peachy! on last inspection we now have 4 men working on the house, they've laid the foundation down on top of the piling that was done using mangrove wood... we have a river adjacent so we definitely need to fortify our grounds or one not so fine day our house will sink! by next week we might be able to see the 1st floor!

just to tell you more about the design, i have to give credit to martin for envisioning a square-shaped house with a living, dining and kitchen running through the middle and various rooms on each side with french doors that open out into a 360 degree balcony that goes all round the 1st floor.. the house is built on stilts (as is the common local design) with two rooms downstairs, one for martin's fishing stuff and a self-contained studio for our help.. soon we'll have a groundsman cum driver in addition to baby's nanny. hehe.. sounds like we're living the high life but actually, i work all the hours god sends to pay bills.. and martin is about to start a full time job at the resort in the capacity of manager. he's going back to work full time on a trial basis so he can decide if its really what he wants to do.

anyway, the house is a work in progress and will be for at least another year or so.. we might have a DIY party to get friends round for some painting and tiling.. hehe.. hopefully by 2010 we'll be able to advertise it as a B&B on the global market as a Haven for Nature enthusiasts and martin can take them for guided bird-watching, nature and fishing tours. At the mo it's just in the pipelines so will concentrate on getting it finished first. hehe.. i want to name it "SanctuaRyver MountainView Lodge".. but martin hates the idea... help me tell him he's wrong and its actually super catchy!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My baby loves bananas... ;-)

In fact it's one of the first words she learnt!!!

Group pic... bye bye Khai Ma Beatrice! Enjoy UK!! Hugs to Uncle Lick!

Overprotective mum at work..

This was a lovely day out at Manukan island last month with Beatrice and Rick who were going away (again!) to UK. i pretty much didnt care that ppl were sniggering and pointing at me with my huge umbrella.. we dont know if besra tans like me or burns like martin and frankly, we dont care to find out! hehe.. fun time had by all.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! baby is such a water baby!

Monday, September 15, 2008

CHECKs this out!

This is another pic from Alex's post wedding file.. a few days after the big celebration we all went out for a simple dinner to bid Aunty Hin off.. she so lovingly flew over just for Alex's wedding so this was our way of thanking her... She represented all of my mother's sisters... speaking of aunts... doesnt baby look fabulous in her checkered outfit?? thanks aunty cheng for the pretty outfit! you can still see the scars on baby's face but it's much better now.. this pic was taken about 3 weeks plus after the incident.. anyway.. kiss kiss hug hug to anyone who's reading this especially my aunts!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Alex's Wedding in June


Alex and Jo finally tied the knot.. what's more Jo is now 8 weeks pregnant! hehe.. man they work fast! lol... it was a brilliant wedding in the sense that i was the MC and i didnt make a mess of it.. lol.. the church service was simple but nice, and dinner was quite fun cos i tortured them to do the twist, pledge their love and even kiss for 20 seconds in public.. hehe. at least they have fun memories to cherish forevermore. Congrats again Alex & Jo and baby-2-b!!!

Better Late than Never! He he ;-)

Catch me, daddy!!!
Baby Besra and Baby Natalia my goddaughter.. playing with rubber duckies in da pool!
Another year has gone by and daddy has celebrated his 44th.. hehe.. we had another cool bbq party in front of our apartment. this time we started early at about 4pm so the kids could play in the playground and have a little dip in the blow up pool. last year we could fit 3 babies in the pool but now there's hardly space for two!! babies are getting bigger as we speak.. it's an amazing phenomenon! hehe..

baked a chocolate ganache cake for hubby.. he only likes chocolate so i guess i'll always bake choc cakes for him for the rest of his life! hehe.. well as long as he eats it then it doesnt really matter eh! tons of ppl came over to celebrate and i have to say, gosh lots of people love martin here. hehe...
all is well with baby.. the terrible twos are upon us even though she's just over a year n ten months. with nanny marji she's a proper little lady but with us she goes into 'manja' or lovingly spoilt mode. her shrieking at the top of her voice to get something she wants is quite embarassing. plus she wants to be carried to-and-fro apartments just for fun which is driving martin bonkers! hehe.. when she cries, she only wants daddy.. lol.. bad for me cos she clearly loves him more and good for me cos i dont hve to lug around her 16kgs everywhere!
besra is still very much into puking every chance she gets. we spoil her in a sense that we pick her up at the slightest whinge.. she has a knack for holding her breath and forcing herself to vomit (residual effect of my 7 month long morning sickness?) but we pick her up immediately or she spills her guts out everywhere making more work for everyone!! and believe me, cleaning up baby puke is no ride in the park! esp when she does it in the car (martin rightfully insists she wears a seatbelt and she hates it!) or like the other day at the Cat Show... noodles n milk all over the floor.. eeeeeeew!!! the joys of parenthood!
on the plus side her scars have healed very very well.. i'll include a close up later and u can see for yourself.. hehe.. i love my lil girl!!!