Friday, September 12, 2008

Better Late than Never! He he ;-)

Catch me, daddy!!!
Baby Besra and Baby Natalia my goddaughter.. playing with rubber duckies in da pool!
Another year has gone by and daddy has celebrated his 44th.. hehe.. we had another cool bbq party in front of our apartment. this time we started early at about 4pm so the kids could play in the playground and have a little dip in the blow up pool. last year we could fit 3 babies in the pool but now there's hardly space for two!! babies are getting bigger as we speak.. it's an amazing phenomenon! hehe..

baked a chocolate ganache cake for hubby.. he only likes chocolate so i guess i'll always bake choc cakes for him for the rest of his life! hehe.. well as long as he eats it then it doesnt really matter eh! tons of ppl came over to celebrate and i have to say, gosh lots of people love martin here. hehe...
all is well with baby.. the terrible twos are upon us even though she's just over a year n ten months. with nanny marji she's a proper little lady but with us she goes into 'manja' or lovingly spoilt mode. her shrieking at the top of her voice to get something she wants is quite embarassing. plus she wants to be carried to-and-fro apartments just for fun which is driving martin bonkers! hehe.. when she cries, she only wants daddy.. lol.. bad for me cos she clearly loves him more and good for me cos i dont hve to lug around her 16kgs everywhere!
besra is still very much into puking every chance she gets. we spoil her in a sense that we pick her up at the slightest whinge.. she has a knack for holding her breath and forcing herself to vomit (residual effect of my 7 month long morning sickness?) but we pick her up immediately or she spills her guts out everywhere making more work for everyone!! and believe me, cleaning up baby puke is no ride in the park! esp when she does it in the car (martin rightfully insists she wears a seatbelt and she hates it!) or like the other day at the Cat Show... noodles n milk all over the floor.. eeeeeeew!!! the joys of parenthood!
on the plus side her scars have healed very very well.. i'll include a close up later and u can see for yourself.. hehe.. i love my lil girl!!!


Lizbeth of OZ said...

Besra is growing so big and she is more beautiful every day. How fast is that time flying ? You are so blessed & your photos always show how much love is around you all and that is something to cherish. Can't wait to visit you and meet Besra and introduce her to my 3 angels from Australia. Much love XX

Sister Sharon said...

No wonder Martin has got such a big belly with all the chocolate cake he eats!!! It's lovely that you all look so very happy. Great photo. XXX