Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tons n tons of jevellery, gifts and 'ang pows' (red packets) from lovely friends and family who obviously love Besra baby!

A big hug and countless thank yous goes out to everyone who made the two occasions special.. yup.. she had not one, but two parties thrown in her honour.. the first at Langkah Syabas resort on Saturday (25th Nov 2006) at one at grandma's house in kingfisher on 28th Nov 2006 to coincide with my 29th birthday celebration.. sighs.. life is good at 29.. still have a year to enjoy before the BIG THREE-OH!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our family portrait.. Besra is one month old now!

Beautiful Beatrice, Me & Baby..

Sweet Grace with Besra darling..

A String of Hot Chicks!

Clockwise... Luvy, Me, Josephine, cousin Kate, Lorna and my sis Michelle.. hot or what?! ;-)

Hot Chicks Galore!

This pic is especially special as I was at the delivery of ALL THREE babies! Baby Natalia was born 31st Dec 2005 and that's her mum (my best friend and my baby's Godma!)to the far left of the pic. On the opposite side is my super sister Michelle holding her daughter Alicia who was born in April this year. Besra as you know came into this world on 26th Oct 2006. Three proud mothers and three gorgeous daughters.. women rulez!

Granma Belinda & Gramps Jimmy with their grandaughter... aaawwww!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Besra is officially 2 weeks old now...

Well now.. 2 weeks have practically flown by.. and my lil girl is now a fortnight old. i know all mommies say this but i cant help myself, she's is the most beautiful perfect little thing ever! seriously, she's such an adorable little girl...

she's settled into a nice routine now.. waking every 3 hrs or so for a feed, poo then back to sleep. only mothers can truly feel satisfaction over a nice big poo and a big ol burp! she hiccups a lot.. some say cos she's gonna have a poo but all the books i've read seem to say they are harmless and are not sure why babies hiccup. if anyone knows, drop me a note ok! and like all babies she cries a bit when she needs a change.. or while i'm cleaning her belly button with surgical spirit which i suppose is cold n not very comfy... oh and her umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday after 2 weeks.. just like the book said it would... wee! she did start off with a bit of yellow especially round the head n upper chest, but now she's starting to really look like a white man's baby.. thanks to martin's fair complexion. her features seems to mostly mine.. which is a good thing of course, but hopefully she wont be short like me.. looking at her fingers and their ratio to her palm.. i'm saying she'll be tall.. or at least, tallish! my girl's gonna be a top supermodel! ok ok.. getting carried away again. maybe she will be the first woman on the moon then. ;-)

if u scroll down, way down to the 3D scan.. you'll notice that she likes to put her hand on her face, with the fingers spread apart.. hehe.. she loves doing that..she did it in the womb and she does it in real life can be seen in the pic below.. sometimes i have to shove her hands down or to the side cos she's chomping air hunting for my nipple but gets her palm instead n then she gets all huffy like it's all my fault! haha..

as u can also see from the pics below, all hats need to be turned up once, newborn baby shirts need to be pinned on the side and becomes a makeshift dress... all mittens n booties need to be sewn down to half the size or she'd just slip or kick it off.. everything is too small for my tiny baby! but i'm happy to say in 2 weeks she went from 1.8kg at birth, to 1.6kg a few days later (it's normal to lose up to 15% of birthweight in first 2 weeks) and now.. using just gut feeling.. she's prabably 2kgs. she feels heavier in my arms and is the proud owner or a really rotund belly! we like! we like alot! they say babies grow at an amazing speed for the first 4 months, and hopefully it will be the case with Besra as well.

Mommy n Daddy r doing well too. we had our first anniversay on the 5th of Nov last sunday. neither of us figured we'd have a baby in our arms this early.. but Besra is a little blessing from above and we wouldnt have it any other way. we stayed at the resort as they gave us a complimentary first year anniversary stay, and baby had a lovely time being paraded around during the melbourne cup (horse racing n lotsa betting at the bar) but there were some nasty women who looked at me aghast for taking her out of the house before she's even a month old. hey.. read the literature! experts say if they can go out to the doctor's, they surely can have a snooze in the open without too much peril!

on a final note, we've bought a dvd camcorder to record her first everything.. but i havent yet learnt how to convert the format so it can be downloaded on the net via so as soon as i figure that out, u can watch videos of our lil one. in the mean time, we'll stick to daddy's digital pictures.

thanks everyone for your well wishes and gifts.. n thanks for taking the time to read all the ramblings of a typically proud new mother. hugs to all from our little family.. xxx

Sunday, November 05, 2006