Saturday, July 12, 2008

My world is aligned once again... happy sigh..

Finally... gosh.. finally i see the light at the end of my five month long trek down this lonely tunnel. it's been a series of not very good news to put it mildly, since february early this year. for those not in the know.. i work as an english teacher with the govt.. but my life became hell when the ex principal of school T decided to block my promotion by demoting me. i fought the case at the top level (thru the director of education, sabah) and was relocated to another school nearby so as not to be further victimised. well the tales of woe continued because the principal of school P is best friends with my ex principal so i think they conspired to make my life a walking nightmare! the biatches cooked up a way to reject me from even entering that school so i was practically school-less for 2 weeks before the department intervened. they promised to absorb me into school P on condition i apply for an immediate transfer out plus agree to teach home science instead of my english language qualifications. sighs.. so i bit the bullet and accepted it on accord that i'd get another school closer to home (which they promised me!)

that was in march so by june i'd finally recieved the letter and it stated there school G which is in bloody beaufort.. 80 plus km from where i live! What the F*&%!!!! i'm not going out into the sticks just to teach english! honestly, fate hasnt done me many favours this year up until now though.. the principal of school M, a school which i've been trying to get into, has been a complete godsend! he personally took my case under his wing and finally after two weeks of sleepless nights, the ammended transfer letter arrived. when i reported to the school he gave me my timetable (all english subjects- phew!) and i immediately started teaching! hehehehehehehehe what a relief! i havent felt so helpless of my own fate my entire life until this happened. its really taught me to appreciate little miracles.

well, like i said, life is looking up. baby's scars are less obvious and seems to have healed pretty well considering. she's one smart little cookie and i'm so proud to be her mother. she's got such a loving and happy nature that it's truly infectuous. besra now has quite a large lexical corpus (jargon talk for vocabulary.. hehe) which includes: sit, run, jump, give, wash, wipe, eat, drink, sing, write, shake, clap, follow, hug, kiss, dog, cat, ball, juice, chocolate, book, frog, duck, truck, peanut.. oh and her favourite: 'NO". hehe.. very adamant little thing when she wants something. she's taken to screaming at a pitch that would have mariah carey giving her a stading ovation! quite embarassing when we go to densely populated enclosed areas such as restaurants and shopping malls. hehe.. baby makes me so happy i could burst but then again, i bet most if not all mothers say this! ;-)

martin has turned into an almost full time grass cutter aka human mowing machine. he's taken to waking up at dawn (well some days..almost!) and driving to the land, then proceeding to armour himself with full overalls, gloves, wellies, hat and full faced welding mask! quite funny but hey, it does the business. his RM250 toy, the japanese make strimmer seems to be working a treat. comes home drenched to the core and i think he'll be back to his fit and slim pre-marital look. now where's the bread and butter so that i can fatten him back up! lol.. anyway, the truth is he loves doing it and its doin him good!

anyway, you can expect more regular updates from now on... now that my life is taking shape again. i've joined a gym with my buddy aloysia and we go sweat it out before our lectures at uni.. u never know... maybe i will be slim one day! hehe.. anyway, fingers crossed nothing bad will happen anymore.. dunno if i could take it. sighs.. cest la vie!