Saturday, June 07, 2008

Martin & his team..

Just a quick review of past fishing exploits that had to wait until now cos martin was too lazy to use his own camera hence had to wait on other people's pics to come through (thanks for that noel).
first pic is of team at the Labuan International Fishing Tournament last april where we came 3rd overall (no cheating: yay!). hooked 4 escolar (oilfish) biggest being abt 35kg out of the 6 winning fish we submitted. and a good time was had by all (again thanks noel).
other pic is of a gorgeous ruby snapper roughly about 10kg. me the poor fisherman's wife had to hack it down into fish steaks... martin brought abt 50kg of fish home that took me abt 4 hrs (till midnight!!) to clean, fillet and pack as you can see in the pic. (he really did marry the perfect woman! esp cos no one else could put up with his stinky hobby) oh and we finally invested in a chest freezer to keep his conquests fresh. thanks aloysia (lady in red shirt) my bestest buddy who helped with the fishmonger's dirty work.

overall martin has done quite well in tournaments this year.. next trip should be sailfish catching at kuala rompin, west malaysia.. with his good buddy Chris from england, noel NZ and another guy called David. Supposed to catch up to 80 sailfish in a day.. we'll see!

My lil devil angel!

How sweet she is.. even if she's dressed up like a cheeky devil here! i think this is a brilliant picture.. captures her spirit perfectly. this was before the accident but i assure you that she is just as playful and happy. Martin went to labuan for fishing last month (where he won 3rd place for the team event) and brought the horns home. they light up but sadly they dont flash. hehe.. anyway, really cute!!

Everyone has been absolutely great. baby's the proud owner of so many new toys, clothes and even a blanket hugging bear from auntie michelle. i walked around CitiMall yesterday looking for white pantyhose for baby (she's a flower girl for my brother Alex and Joanne's wedding next week) when suddenly i was pounced upon by some friends who had heard about poor baby Besra. It was great to catch up with Cynthia, Sophia, Theresa and my dear dear home science teacher Mrs. Gertrude. i could really feel the warmth and caring aura emanating from them all.. t'was very comforting!
Also went to a briefing yesterday about becoming a trainer and assessor for Aviation English. apparently they were warned by the internation civil avaition org that all aviation personnel needs a level 4 qualification in spoken english or they can't fly/work. that was in 1999 and the dept of civil avaition has done absolutely nothing since. Hah! now a private company has been given the momentous task of certifying 50,000 pilots and air traffic controllers BEFORE 9 march 2009. that's under a year! geez.. anyway.. whatever happens, it's a great way to make some spare dosh. money is always a good thing! hopefully it will work out cos it sounds really interesting and fun! plus u get to fraternize with pilots.. ooooooo weeeeeee! THANKS ROSLYN for opening up that window for me! HUGS!
oh and i cant end the blog without rattling off abt how annoyed i am with the new fuel price.. it used to cost 83 ringgits for a full tank in my lil vroom vroom which gave me about 550km. i filled it up yesterday and dammit: 115 bucks literally to be burnt up into thin air! sighs.. paklah and his great ideas! will just have to drive less and spend less on other stuff.. anyway, cest la vie!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

life changes in a split second... sniff2

for all of you out there whom we havent contacted personally as yet, this entry will help clarify things. we're sorry we didnt call sooner but i think you'll understand it was a stressful time. we got back from our week away on sunday about 1 am.. slept and woke up in our cosy bed at about half 6 and i waited for baby to wake up cos i missed her so sooooo much. anyway we spent the better part of the morning opening presents and playing with her new toys and mickey mouse soft toy. it was a sunday morning like so many others.. one big happy family.

for all mothers out there who will surely understand, the unthinkable happened. one second i was on the phone and martin was in the room when suddenly our dog was on top of baby biting and growling. martin rushed out and threw cindy into her cage and i had dropped the phone, grabbed baby, screaming 'oh god no!'. it was a pretty harrowing experience cos baby's face was covered in blood and there was even blood in her eyes. i think she was really shocked more than in pain because i read somewhere that adrenalin helps numb the pain. within minutes we were on the way to the hospital. luckily she slept on her nanny's shoulder most of the way after crying for a while. there is nothing more horrifying than seeing your baby hurt especially when we feel so helpless to ease the pain.

at the emergency ward, baby was looked at properly and it was agreed that the plastic surgeon would fix the damage which included 3 deep punctures (two on forehead, 1 on chin) and other teeth scratch marks all over her face. if u look carefully one of them was about 1 mm away from her left eye. thank goodness the doc said her sight was unaffected. i dont know how i would have dealt with that. thank god for little miracles.

day one in hosp we had to wait 6 hours before they could sedate her cos she ate at 9am. it happened at about half 10am. by 3pm martin accompanied her to the op room and they cleaned the wounds. we expected them to give her stitches but they said they wouldnt until they were sure there was no infection from the dog saliva. she came out with patches on her face with some kind of clear surgical cellotape.

i have to say i have the bravest baby alive. sighs.. in the emergency ward, she sat quietly on my lap watching me cry then took her face towel and wiped my tears. god that made me cry even more. she didnt cry or touch her open wounds at all, instead she laughed and played and ran around as if nothing happened. god, i hope she never remembers any of it because trauma is one thing she can definitely live without. and in the following days she did exactly the same, laugh, play and ran around as if she owned the hospital and the nurses were her audience. she is truly amazing.

day 2 was for observation and injections while on day 3 doc said she was ok enough to have stitches. 36 in total. damn that's alot. 36 fine stitches which hopefully will fade over time. just listening to baby laugh out loud now while watching tv with daddy is amazing. makes you really appreciate the little joys in life.

for everyone who visited and send well wishes, gave baby presents, kisses & hugs, we are touched and thankful. who could have expected such a turn in events. as for poor cindy, she just lost it in a moment of madness. we could spend ages pinpointing where the fault lies but i guess there is no point. it happened. shit happens and in the words of shelley blew, build a bridge and get over it. cindy was taken to the vet and put peacefully to sleep. it will be some time before we are used to the new routine, but we are all concentrating on baby getting better soon. next monday she needs another session at the hosp to remove the stitches.. and that will be another trying time. just glad that it will be alright soon. fingers crossed.