Saturday, June 07, 2008

Martin & his team..

Just a quick review of past fishing exploits that had to wait until now cos martin was too lazy to use his own camera hence had to wait on other people's pics to come through (thanks for that noel).
first pic is of team at the Labuan International Fishing Tournament last april where we came 3rd overall (no cheating: yay!). hooked 4 escolar (oilfish) biggest being abt 35kg out of the 6 winning fish we submitted. and a good time was had by all (again thanks noel).
other pic is of a gorgeous ruby snapper roughly about 10kg. me the poor fisherman's wife had to hack it down into fish steaks... martin brought abt 50kg of fish home that took me abt 4 hrs (till midnight!!) to clean, fillet and pack as you can see in the pic. (he really did marry the perfect woman! esp cos no one else could put up with his stinky hobby) oh and we finally invested in a chest freezer to keep his conquests fresh. thanks aloysia (lady in red shirt) my bestest buddy who helped with the fishmonger's dirty work.

overall martin has done quite well in tournaments this year.. next trip should be sailfish catching at kuala rompin, west malaysia.. with his good buddy Chris from england, noel NZ and another guy called David. Supposed to catch up to 80 sailfish in a day.. we'll see!

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