Saturday, June 07, 2008

My lil devil angel!

How sweet she is.. even if she's dressed up like a cheeky devil here! i think this is a brilliant picture.. captures her spirit perfectly. this was before the accident but i assure you that she is just as playful and happy. Martin went to labuan for fishing last month (where he won 3rd place for the team event) and brought the horns home. they light up but sadly they dont flash. hehe.. anyway, really cute!!

Everyone has been absolutely great. baby's the proud owner of so many new toys, clothes and even a blanket hugging bear from auntie michelle. i walked around CitiMall yesterday looking for white pantyhose for baby (she's a flower girl for my brother Alex and Joanne's wedding next week) when suddenly i was pounced upon by some friends who had heard about poor baby Besra. It was great to catch up with Cynthia, Sophia, Theresa and my dear dear home science teacher Mrs. Gertrude. i could really feel the warmth and caring aura emanating from them all.. t'was very comforting!
Also went to a briefing yesterday about becoming a trainer and assessor for Aviation English. apparently they were warned by the internation civil avaition org that all aviation personnel needs a level 4 qualification in spoken english or they can't fly/work. that was in 1999 and the dept of civil avaition has done absolutely nothing since. Hah! now a private company has been given the momentous task of certifying 50,000 pilots and air traffic controllers BEFORE 9 march 2009. that's under a year! geez.. anyway.. whatever happens, it's a great way to make some spare dosh. money is always a good thing! hopefully it will work out cos it sounds really interesting and fun! plus u get to fraternize with pilots.. ooooooo weeeeeee! THANKS ROSLYN for opening up that window for me! HUGS!
oh and i cant end the blog without rattling off abt how annoyed i am with the new fuel price.. it used to cost 83 ringgits for a full tank in my lil vroom vroom which gave me about 550km. i filled it up yesterday and dammit: 115 bucks literally to be burnt up into thin air! sighs.. paklah and his great ideas! will just have to drive less and spend less on other stuff.. anyway, cest la vie!

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