Monday, March 30, 2009

Floating in the air...

Just thought i'd add an entry here abt a compliment given to me over the weekend.. hehe.. so that when i read this blog when i'm old, haggard and on death's bed i'll still remember that some 26 year old guy said that i'm 'A GODDESS OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE' and he meant both in intellect and outlook... ;-) sighs.. silly stupid smile plastered on my face, sighs again... would anyone like to boost my ego more by making a list of compliments for me on facebook!? HAH! ok that's just pushing it, ain't it?! ;-) lol...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy's back from his fishing trip..!

2.6kg lobster he hooked up n pulled out of the depths of the ocean using only a tiny hook! he let it go after that.. ;-) hopefully it's still doing its thing at the bottom of the ocean... ;-)
wasnt a brilliant catch but baby was duly impressed with the sinkful of fish... ;-) here's a small sample that she's posing with... daddy's lil fisher girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Live 4D feed of baby Lanner!

Thanks Peng Peng for managing to upload my short baby clip of Lanner... before you follow the link, just expect to see a video clip of Lanner first covering his face with his hands, then removing them and sorta smiling in the end. ;-)

He's now 2 kgs and a very active baby who thinks mommy is a punching bag. Men, they're all the same, woman beaters! hehe.. just ask Martin!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey all.. went for another scan last Sat.. Lanner has jumped from 8oo+ grams to 1.7kgs! geeezz.. that's almost the same size besra was when she was born! hehe.. i've never felt this huge before cos with bes, i never had time to feel the full effects of pregnancy. ;-) now i guess god is giving me some payback for having it too easy the first time round. lol.. all is on target as in the baby's weight and size is normal for 28 weeks, only problem is constipation. sighs.. i told the doctor that i think this is nature's way of prepping women up for the actual labour. really uncomfortable n annoying!

these days all i ever want to do is sleep. ;-) lanner keeps hardening in my belly and it gets so tight and dense that the only thing i can relate it to is it's like carrying a bowling ball around. men r so lucky they dont have to undergo this!!!! grrrr.. anyway, my bed is my haven.. and i tell you, i can sleep 12 hrs straight no problem! haha... problem though is that i'm still teaching full swing, let's see... school from 7 to 3.30pm mondays to thursdays.. just mornings on fridays (thank goodness!), university from 7 to 10pm tues n thurs, tuition on fridays 7.30 to 9pm and uni again every sat 8-11am. sighs... a girl's gotta keep the mulah rolling in u know. luckily there's a 1 week break starting sat till end of next week.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so i can wake up late everyday.. ;-) and uni should come to a halt by the 1st week of april.. then i can really act the beached whale at home while i wait to pop. sometimes i wish there was a fast forward button in life. sighs... then i'd be holding lil lanner in my arms n cooing at him. ;-) mommy's lil boy.... awwwww

Friday, March 06, 2009

Roof pics..

Here's our green roof.. of course martin had to choose the colour.. and it took some time for the roof to arrive as they had to order it specially. But it's finally here... hooray! My lil poser!
These are the two guestrooms.. we'll be able to entertain lotsa ppl when the house is done so save up your pennies for flights, accommodation is free!

This middle section is where the living room n dining area will be with the kitchen at the end round on the left hand...


I'm feeling quite clever today! hehe... finally figured out how to add widgets to this page. it took a lot of trial and error but hey now i've got music and a messaging box so you guys can leave a note or two! hehe..

let's see... what's new? house is coming along great, roof installed, now plastering the walls.. and going for another scan tomorrow (7th month already!) so will update more on that later.

as for besra, she's so cute.. watched american idol and picked up the phrase: 'mommy, right back, okay' while pointing her finger at me. hard to describe.. u gotta see it to believe its so bloody adorable! hehe.. my little ryan seacrest!

Okie ya'all more later... don't forget to leave a message!