Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Foundation...

The house is coming along well... considering it has been a year marred by increased prices of raw materials, contractor's difficulty in getting legal workers (sabah govt is conducting a mass raid of immigrants hence the huge exodus of labourers) and money woes with the world economy facing its current financial uncertainties. that aside, everything is just peachy! on last inspection we now have 4 men working on the house, they've laid the foundation down on top of the piling that was done using mangrove wood... we have a river adjacent so we definitely need to fortify our grounds or one not so fine day our house will sink! by next week we might be able to see the 1st floor!

just to tell you more about the design, i have to give credit to martin for envisioning a square-shaped house with a living, dining and kitchen running through the middle and various rooms on each side with french doors that open out into a 360 degree balcony that goes all round the 1st floor.. the house is built on stilts (as is the common local design) with two rooms downstairs, one for martin's fishing stuff and a self-contained studio for our help.. soon we'll have a groundsman cum driver in addition to baby's nanny. hehe.. sounds like we're living the high life but actually, i work all the hours god sends to pay bills.. and martin is about to start a full time job at the resort in the capacity of manager. he's going back to work full time on a trial basis so he can decide if its really what he wants to do.

anyway, the house is a work in progress and will be for at least another year or so.. we might have a DIY party to get friends round for some painting and tiling.. hehe.. hopefully by 2010 we'll be able to advertise it as a B&B on the global market as a Haven for Nature enthusiasts and martin can take them for guided bird-watching, nature and fishing tours. At the mo it's just in the pipelines so will concentrate on getting it finished first. hehe.. i want to name it "SanctuaRyver MountainView Lodge".. but martin hates the idea... help me tell him he's wrong and its actually super catchy!!!


Sister Sharon said...

Can't see the guest suite yet!!! Lots of love to you all, XXX

roly c said...

hi martin
house should look really nice soon ,can't wait to see more pics.
forgot to say ,have you checked you e-mail box in the last week ,sent a few e-mails to you both . best wishes for now .roly .

Doria Robert Kawen said...

Good luck with the house. Don't forget to invite me later.

Doria aka Beansprout Pudding
*u can read my

Miss u honeydew custard!