Friday, July 10, 2009

Home sweet home... almost

This is home, and home is where the heart is.. as you can see it's almost done, still waitin on the electrician and the windows and sliding doors to be installed.. but we're getting there. ;-)

this is from the front balcony looking in. three rooms on the right , a study, nursery, common toilet n kitchen on the left.. very spacious and the breeze if fabulous.. ;-)

View from back of the house out into the riverview.

My kitchen, my pride and joy... looks better in real life of course.. ;-)

View of the river, part of which we own, from our bedroom.. mmmmmm

My very own bathtub.. sighs.. counting the days when i can finally sink into the millions of bubbles in my own home. ;-)

Martin's work in progress fish pond.

Martin standing along our 360 balcony.

below: side balcony view facing our mango tree and river.


PengPeng said...

it's lovely audrey !! i bet you can't wait to move in.

escape2 said...

very spacious ah...aah....relaxednye.

Eric Constantine said...

i love the bathtub...i could envisage the bubbles and the flowers, and also the beautiful candles ... with bali sound effect..hehehe

eugene said...

i am amazed how big your house is,, fit for a family of ten or more i reckon.

here in penang, a home like your will cause a bomb,,,, so good on ya

first time here,,,take care now

Miss Mathew said...

Make sure I'm invited for d hse warming makan2 tau! ;)

tiee said...

i'm your neighbour. eventhough u dont invite, i'll still go for the housewarming....yeeeeehaaaa....:P