Monday, July 13, 2009

Cambridge is lovely... as expected.

Been havin a great time here in Cambridge.. the weather is a bit drizzly (it's england remember!) but sunny at times too so that's great. been going wild shopping.. ok not that wild, but did buy a few choice items from M&S for me n kids and at Ann Summers mostly for me.. ;-) i love it! hehehehehe.. size does matter, esp when i can actually fit stuff! hehe
The course itself has been lotsa fun, we had a 'taste of britain' food and booze tasting session before having a 3 course english roast beef dinner with delish raspberry tiramisu.. yummy! hehe, there goes my diet. but i'm countering that by walking like hell. everyone walks everywhere here as most of the streets are closed to cars. my calves really really really hurt but the shopping n sightseeing are worth it. hehe..
will be putting some pics here soon as i download them. ;-) miss my lil cherubs but a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do! hehe
anyway, here's some pics from the last download, before i left for cambridge..

best 5 ringgit motorised toy yacth spent! hehe.. bes had lotsa fun with it.. for abt 10 mins. hehe
My girl playing her big sis role impressively! hehe

Khai Ma Aloysia (Lanner's godma) n Besra just before i left KK. awwww

Cuddle me quick! i'm soooo adorable!

Daddy n baby girl at our beach.. lovely family time spent combing the beach.. ;-) she's wearing a cap with the words 'lil miss magic' embroidered specially for her.. its from a jimmy buffet song, one of martin's favourites.


escape2 said...

put on a pair of good walking shoes and do walk till you drop.

tiee said...

wah so cute...i bet ur lanner is bigger than my ezra now. love that big sis and bro pic. dont come back small, i'll hate u for that. lol...anyway, have fun.

PengPeng said...

your besra is such a beauty !! want to pinch her cheek!