Monday, July 13, 2009

Somewhere out there..

Hey guys, back home it’s about 2.30pm Saturday 11 July but right now I’m writing this from the skies above Pakistan in a plane on the way to Heathrow.. It’s been a real hectic run-up to this point as I’ve been so busy with my girls (school debate team). As most of you would have known by now, I was writing 40 debate scripts for them for 5 rounds of debates. They got a bye for the first round (8 scripts down the drain) and debated the second round but lost. They did put up a good fight and like Miley Cyrus says, sometimes you gotta lose. All in all, they used 4 out of 40 scripts.. lol.. ah well, at least I have a corpus of debate material that I can use in the future. ;-) It was still a fun experience for me cos I got to meet up with many chummy ex-debaters and English teachers always have a riot when we get together.
Anyway, back to the point, I’m really rather excited that I’m actually on a plane to Cambridge for the Longman ‘Amazing Minds 2009’ English Language Teachers’ Conference. When Ivan the Longman rep of Sabah encouraged me to fill in the form, I didn’t expect, although I greatly hoped, that I’d be Malaysia’s ambassadress to such an international convention, all expenses paid! Also couldn’t believe my luck that it would be in Cambridge, at the Lucy Cavendish Ladies’ College where great women have been born, mostly to wed great men from Cambridge Uni! LOL.. hehe.. plus the fact that I get to meet the ELT God himself, Jeremy Harmer. Brings me back to college days when we had to write papers after papers and dissertations quoting him so it would definitely be nice to shake his hand and put a face to his prominent name.
But that’s just the Cambridge end, I’m also super looking forward to going to the opera and globe theatre with Beatrice when I get to London. ;-) What can beat a Shakespearean play (As You Like It) and a famous opera (The Barber of Seville) although I was considering going for a concert but honestly don’t think I have the time to squeeze that in. ;-) Will just see how it goes, go with the flow… hehe, oh and lingerie central, here I come! finally, things that fit and don’t look like granny owns them! Won’t be shopping much except for cheese sauces and gotta eat a Steak Bake from Gregs! hehe.. and take millions of pictures! Anyway, will stop babbling now and try to get some sleep. ;-) still have 7 hrs to go.

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hope you are not caught in the wet weather