Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends made the visit extra special.. ;-)

Beatrice n i before i jumped on the plane to come home... look we both have valleys of death! lol
Beatrice and Rick.. what a lovely couple. ;-)
Me n Julie at Richmond..
At a pub having a lovely pub lunch.. yummers!
One big happy minus James (workin that day), Briany (gorgeous big girl now), Brian n Julie.
The Church family... awwwww
Just me and the girls.... Molly n Emma. ;-)


Doria Robert Kawen said...

Audrey, u look so radiant!and beatrice looks so happy..just wondering..beatrice bila nak jadi mummy ni?hehehehe

escape2 said...

valleys of death. wakakakakaka

Bea said...

me? a mummy??? hehe...

cool kan, escape? fist time oh...i have a valley!!!!! haha