Tuesday, July 28, 2009

London oh london... ;-)

Had the pleasure of Rick's company at the Royal Opera House, we had a lovely time sippin champagne and nibblin on salmon sandwiches.. mmmmmm
recognise this anyone? lol..
just chillin at the part in the middle of leichester sq... ah it so brings back memories..
This was just before the opera started, the director lady comes up on stage n welcomes us then proceeds to tell us that the leading lady broke her leg, hence she would do her part in a wheelchair(!) and the leading man had a bad cold but still wanted to act so some other guy sang his part from the side! haha.. what a mishmash but it was still a great show.. ;-) Look!!!! I found my very own street!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee
This pic was taken inside Shakespeare Globe theatre... and it is done up just as it was during his time.. the play As You Like It was just so amazingly entertaining, it was fabulous! One of the characters was named Audrey as well.. n she was exactly like me, a witty n sensual woman! haha. :-)
Taken before we reached the Globe. Its the short white building between my head and the long pole like structure.. had pre show dinner at the Swan with Rick and Beatrice.. ;-)
Couldnt resist this touristy shot... :-) me in the tube, mind the gap please!!!

Overall, I achieved all that I set out to do and boy did I have a brilliant time.. was so nice to just be myself again, do the things that I love doin, catching the sights in covent garden and leichester sq as well as chinatown where I used to hang out often when i was in London... all happy memories.. 10 years down the road, the place seems pretty much the same.. and i'm glad that nothing's changed. Maybe will have a chance to revisit again in the next 10 years, and will definitely drag besra n lanner to a couple of musicals n concerts. ;-)

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