Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My bundles of joy... ;-)

I still can't believe just how lucky I am to have such lovely well mannered children. Besra was a joy to raise (except her puking antics! hehe) and she is so amazing to listen to as she chatters away in her animated lil voice. And her linguistic skills just blows me away:

Example 1-
Mommy: I don't like this show, Bes.
Besra: Yes, mommy. I don't like it EITHER.
(My adult Uni students can't even use this structure n she's not even 3 yet!!!)

Example 2 (while watching the cartoon)
Mommy: Besra, is KungFu Panda fat?
Besra: Yes, mommy.
Mommy: Is Besra fat?
Besra: No, mommy. I'm happy.
(How priceless is that???)

Example 3 (which i've blogged abt before but can't resist reblogging)
Mommy to Lanner: You're my lil cutiepie!
Besra: He's not your cutiepie!!!
Mommy: Why Bes, what's wrong?
Besra: You don't EAT him!!!
(I'll never forget this for life!!! Simply amazing!)

Example 4 (when i'm driving)
Besra: Go Mommy, Go Mommy. (Chants)
also - Besra: Don't go too far, Mommy. Be careful, Mommy. Drive slow ok.
(driving advice from my own 2 yr old child? lol.. who would hv thought?)

Example 5
Besra: Look mommy, trees. A lot mountains. Many grasses!
(Suffice to say she overlearnt the rule but I didn't hv the heart to correct her.. maybe when she can understand the concept of exceptions to the rule, eh)

Example 6 (she n I were going out, just the two of us.. her 'r' sounds r cutely confused with the 'l' sound)
Besra: You're SUPPOSED to bling my baby blother.
and another time...
Besra: You're SUPPOSED to bling my blanket.
(can your students use 'supposed' correctly? lol)

Anyway, like I said earlier, I'm as blessed as can be when it comes to the children's dept. Besra has turned out to be a lovely mannered child, she was saying her 'please' and 'thank you very much' when she was just over a year old, and even in her sleep she manages to cover her mouth with her hand when she coughs. Brilliant. ;-) Hopefully she keeps it up. ;-)

As for baby boy Lanner, I've never met such a mild mannered child ever. Hardly ever cries and when he does, its just a single warning sound, quite like a meow of a male cat. Ha ha.. ever so cute. For the first 3 months, he just drank his milk, slept, pooed n peed... but these days he smiles so gorgeously and wants to sit up on my lap or be carried against my shoulder so he can inspect the world. sooooooo cute.. also starting to coo but not much. my friend Ivy, who also has a son Sean, visits almost daily and is amazed how big Lanner has grown (6.4kgs) and how easy this child is to look after.. in fact, she said that if hers was this easy, she'd have six more by now! hehe..

So all my friends out there who have children in their lives, either their own or their godchildren, i'm sure you'll smile with me knowing there is indeed no greater joy in this world than to see them smile n better yet, laugh out loud. it's simply priceless and i can't wait for the day i manage to make Lanner laugh over and over again!!!

If you wanna see Besra laugh out loud when she was younger, follow this link. simply superb!

And ashley, if you're reading this, you're doing an injustice to Ryan for not documenting his every move.. lol... no pressure babe!!!! hehe..

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charity starts at home. well done.