Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More pics of the magical time i had there..

Garden reception before the dinner.. ;-)
Gala Dinner at Magdalene College hall..
Me n the girls..
work that stairs!
an incredibly talented string quartet to entertain us!
speaker george pickering with successful hair implant!
candlelit gala dinner... no electricity in this ancient building. :-)
what gorgeous stained glass work!
traditional english summer pudding with seasonal berries and cornish clotted cream.. mmmm
slow roasted rump of lamb with roasted shallots, carrots, petits pois and potatoes with rosemary.. delish!
patriotic or what?! he he
how beautiful is this??
Carol from Longman... the woman who made it all happen!
me in the heart of cambridge
striking a pose... watcha think?
It was a really insightful lecture by Jeremy... takes a real man to wear pink! he he


sophia said...

fantastic pics! love it! =D

PengPeng said...

thanks for sharing these lovely pics.

tiee said...

wow...u look amazing..and the food looks yummy...