Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cambridge so far... ;-)

Group piccy! 30 countries represented.. old n young, all amazing minds!
View from the river while punting.. king's college chapel i think..
hot polish guy telling about the bridge.. sides of bridge all sealed so ppl cant jump off n escape, replica of the one in Venice where they would lead the criminals to prison. in cambridge, this bridge connects the students to the exam hall so same difference! hehe
how gorgeous is that! too bad abt the ugly red thingy.. a juxtaposition of old n new i guess..
hot mr polish guy tour guide again, i couldnt stop drooling at his muscles working the pole as he punted. lol...
Us on a punt punting along river Cam.. ;-) a metal bridge behind
Other delegates getting onto the punt. ;-)

Life Long Learning equates to Infinite Knowledge... go figure!
Mt Kinabalu as the background of my presentation. Martin took this gorgeous shot, had time to promote Sabah tourism! hehe
Lovely Zita n me.. ;-) met some really nice folks.
my buddy thorny from thailand.. ;-)
i love this bench!
Learnt a new skill.. can now juggle! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Flowers in bloom.. weather doin good!
George Pickering used me as his monkey model.. haha
basket of fruits n goodies, n the lucy cavendish sunday roast beef dinner menu..
my neat desk! hehe...
has even a comfy seat by the window.. ;-)
my comfy bed in the college room.. reminds me of my room in st mary's hall so long ago.


Roslyn said...

More pics, more pics!

tiee said...

wow...i'm so green with envy....
Proud of u girl...

Miss Mathew said...

Punting!!! did tht once in Cambridge! Hey gurl, u shd present ur slides in KK once u r back. PPD KK shd organise ths. I'll def come!