Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lanner Boy!

This was taken the morning after Lanner was born. my sis was at a dinner party in a posh restaurant and when i called her she popped by the gift shop n bought lanner the green turtle with the cute huge eyes. ;-) plus she got me tons of chocs... man i havent needed a sugar rush so bad, all the puking made me weak. haha.. go chocolates!

One big happy... Daddy, Besra, Mommy n Lil Lanner the day i got home.. at 2.95kg lanner was almost twice besra's size when she was born... and this time, giving birth actually hurt! martin had to endure me screaming in pain when the contractions came and kept getting closer. when we arrived at the clinic, it was 3 mins apart so i was screaming like mad! he says it was torture listening to me. hehe.. at least he suffered a lil!

This was the 3rd morning... he was more red than yellow and like i said before, besra had a bit of yellow and it went away, so i assumed the same, besides he's of mixed blood... tot that's just his natural colour!

Martin n his reels.. ;-) this is his penn 50 and if u notice in the picture, martin has actually bought another penn 50 cos it was a good deal.. hah! He took a similar shot when besra was born as can be seen here below. hehe.. my two lil cherubs can have a penn 50 each when they r old enough... ;-)

So do you think the two kids look alike?! if u ask me, they really do! even the mannerisms when u hold them and burp them. hehe. but besra has bigger eyes and cried a lot more too! lanner is a quiet one, for now that is! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Lanners turtle looks like the one you guys bought me!!! He is sooo cute. Cant wait to meet him.. one day. Lots of love Ness xox