Friday, May 22, 2009

17 May, Lanner's Full Moon Party

Grandma cuddling the star of the party! He's wearing a blue baby outfit given by sister-in-law-to-be Joeanne which reads: CHICK MAGNET. hehehehehehehe.. ;-)
Whoa... thanks to the tons of people who came for Lanner's full moon (1 month) party... lots of lovely red packets were collected plus all the pressies you can see in the pic. we had the party last sunday at 3pm at Langkah Syabas Resort where Martin works and a fantastic time was had by all! Lanner drank his milk, burped, slept, peed n poo-ed and the cycle repeated itself so i doubt if he knew we were celebrating his safe arrival! hehe.. anyway, lots of people took turns to cuddle him and give him his milk...;-) Lanner boy.. your fan club is gainin in number by the minute!

This was before the festivities took off in the restaurant. Hot chick in the pic is Beatrice, Besra's chinese god-mother or better known as Khai-Ma. ;-) We arrived a couple of hours early so Besra and her friends Chelsea and my god-daughter Natalia could frolic in the pool.. awww... look at my lil waterbabies below...
Some of the first to attack the delicious food.. spaghetti, fish fingers, chicken wings, homemade beef sausages, feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad, tuna and egg sandwiches... needless to say, the snack menu was a hit! ;-)

once the cake was cut besra had to have her share! hehe... anyway, i havent collected the photos from the professional photographer so there will be a part two to lanner's party shots. especially want to include the cake cutting and champagne toasting pictures with the whole family. hope to get the pics soon. ;-) anyway, glad baby lanner is doing well, and baby besra is a big girl now. ;-) have 1 more month of maternity leave left then it's back to work. at the moment, i'm savouring every minute of it! hugs all round!

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