Thursday, August 20, 2009

People who matter... ;-)

Just thought i'd blog abt the ppl in my life who are not always around but not far from my mind.. Here's a pic of Martin and Christina my favourite cousin in the whole wide world.. She's now off to london after almost a decade working for Star newspaper in Perak.. and the silly chit has only a diploma but has been accepted into the Masters program of creative writing in a uni in Edinbrugh.. haha.. no degree but a masters, how cheeky is that!!!! lol... Anyway, am super happy for her.. may you enjoy every second of your time overseas and snag a passionate partner or two.. hehe. ;-)

As for my best bud since secondary school.. Luvy, we've had our ups n downs in life.. sometimes we're in the same carriage careening in figures of eights in the bright blue sky, screaming at life's every corner! This one's for u girl, thanks for being there when i needed u most, for letting me abuse you when i was giving birth to Lanner.. for just being u...hugs to the godma of both my children, from your gorgeous girl's godma! ;-)

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