Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The week that was..

phew.. the week that was has been completely crazy.. been on hol since 22nd till the 31st... as you all know, it was my bro steeve's weddin on the 29th so all the prep was done over the week and then the extended relatives arrived so there was a lot of entertaining to do.. ;-) all good though! anyway, here's some pics to sum up the week that was. will blog about the weddin in the next entry. ;-) happy merdeka everyone!

this is a smiley pic... i'm so blessed cos he's such a happy baby. now he answers back when u coo at him.. n yesterday he laughed out loud... oh the joys of motherhood! hehe..

this is besra in her new garfield dress.. so adorable!!! n look at the pose! hehe.. she had orange socks on n guess what colour underwear she had on.. lol..

again a killer pose.. haha...

i celebrated the start of the hols by getting a black nail polish pedicure! weeeeeeeeee! i'm such a rebel!

most days were spent lazing around the pool at the resort... here's a happy family pic!

besra and alicia... hugging cousins! ;-) how cute is that!

besra making leaf soup as she calls it! hahah..

little lanner's first dip in the pool! u cant see it clearly but he's wearing duck undies with duck eyes n duck bill.. hehe.. so cute!

the girls havin a great time in the pool.. n lanner too!

aunty marji changin the lil boy.. hehe.. that's his intelligent look!

hah! got another smiley shot! 1 out of 10 is a keeper, thank goodness for digital and the delete button!

besra's fave pasttime.. long live macD!

besra n aunty marji... the shirt is for lanner but too big for him so bes is wearing it.. aunt liz from oz sent it (thanks!).. its jimi hendrix with voodoo (chile?) printed on it.. pretty cool!

bought her princess hot pants! lol...

look mommy, mickey wants to have his pic taken too!


tiee said...

great pics. lanner is soooo chubby. wanna pinch that cheeks..haha..besra too. great poser. How did u manage to make her pose? It's difficult for my kids to pose for the camera.

SJB said...

your kids so cute.

escape2 said...

you looked radiant in the pool. lanner's wide open mouth is really cute.

ash said...

i want leaf soup bes!