Wednesday, September 02, 2009


A close friend took this pic... with an SLR if i'm not mistaken, and it's too beautiful a pic to hide away. Andy says he took it in a zoo of some sort and this lioness was just standing there in her cage. I dont know the technical aspects but i've been advised that you have to underexpose the film in order to capture the natural light but hey i could be wrong. anyway, the effect is stunning! i think he captured the regal lioness in her prime, and i like to think that she was looking over the land fiercely in protection of her cubs, as every loving mother does.

So many of my friends are SLR crazy now.. haha.. or just that fate has thrown them into my path.. me, all i've got is my trusty dinky digital camera by olympus but hey, i think i take some pretty good shots with just a basic one! haha.. the trick is to take tons and tons n edit later... surely the law of averages means that one in 10 or 1 in 100 will look good! ;-) oh and it helps to have lil daughters who are as vain as their moms! hahah.. besra has been trained since birth to pose for the camera, can anyone tell?! lol

Anyway, cheers to good photography, the priceless pictures captured by the keen eye as everyone knows a picture tells a thousand stories and is worth a million words. ;-)

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