Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bro Steeve & Joeanne's weddin... part one

So my bro finally got hitched.. lol.. took him a long time as he's 38 this year! ;-) anyway, methinks he picked the right girl cos my new sis-in-law joeanne is a really sweet!

We had a hen's night for her on the 26th at an italian restaurant.. n forced her to wear pink bunny ears, matching pink fluffy bowtie and a bunny tail! she was really a good sport! hehe.. good on u girl! will post pics of that in part 2. ;-)

The weddin itself took place at their church in Tanjung Aru on the 29th.. and Besra was supposed to walk down the aisle by herself.. but it was too early in the morning and she didnt want to do it.. so guess who had to carry her down the aisle!? duh! me of course! but alicia was in the same moody frame of mind so my sis michelle had to lug her child down as well.. haha.. anyway, after the service, when the kids had time to acclimatise, besra had a ball taking pictures... u can tell she's not camera shy!! anyway, got some lovely shots of her as a fairy flower girl.. ;-) bless her!
i particularly like this shot!!!

steeve being a hero and carrying BOTH flowergirls..
martin was one of the groomsmen....
The Wiles!!!
How adorable is this picture!!!! hhahaahahahahah
The groom's side... all the relatives n extended members..
A natural shot..
all the weddin guests.. or almost all.. ;-)
besra, jordan and alicia.. all dressed up in white .. how sweet! as sweet as the cupcakes!
a 3 tiered cupcake wedding cake!? this is new!
the two flowergirls stuffin their face with crackers! haha
i love this shot! bes you r definitely a sweetie cake!

The following night we had a family dinner (groom's side) and i put on my new dress.. like it? ;-)
three generations here.. ;-) my kids were home.. didnt drag them out for a change.
quite a nice restaurant .. but the crabs they kept advertising were a serious let down! haha. ;-)


ash said...

that's a bunch of real good looking kids. and hot mama too!

SJB said...

congratulation to ur brother and the flower girls look so cute.