Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MV Doulous

If you're in KK then you've definitely heard that the MV Doulous is here again, and you've probably visited this floating bookshop. i heard that it is going to be sunk soon n will never do its rounds anymore so hehe... well i was adamant that i'd drag the whole family onto the ship but i forgot to consider a few things before i embarked on my 'great journey'. haha.. firstly i neglected to wear proper footwear, so trekkin with my high heels while carrying a 7.7 kg baby boy up what must be the most ridiculous lookin stairs in the whole world (i regret not takin a pic of the weird stairway) was not entirely smart... i was huffin n puffin all along the 1km walk from the car along the pier all the way to the top and around the ship and later trekked all the way back.

hehe.. and we only bought one book.. and that was a lovely book on nursery rhymes. besra is like a lil sponge.. she sings along with mommy with full enthusiasm.. and now she can sing incy wincy spider and do most of the actions. hehe.. then we torture daddy to death cos together we perform for him to watch just to get him to clap for besra in the end. she thinks the entire thing is super fun! and keeps repeating the rhymes in her terrible singing voice, yes she's no siti nurhaliza.. but it's completely adorable! hehe

Oh here's a pic of besra having fun in an amusement centre. hehe.. my racer chick!
also really happy that i got to see my childhood best friend tang again, with her two kids.. she popped by at langkah syabas with her two kids and her niece and i brought both of mine so there were 5 kids runnin about.. ok.. maybe only 3 could run but u get my point. anyway, we had this fantastic platter of cheese and nuts n fruits and this huge salami... it was days later that the guy who gave me 2 salamis on that day ended up giving me more (another 15 salamis!!!) which r in my freezer now!!!! yay for meat! hahahahaha...

another great news is that tomorrow is a public holiday (yippee!) and the principal has just announced that thurs n fri are additional holidays ... so no school for me till 28th sept!!!! how freakin cool is that!!! the muslims suffer with the fasting and we get to reap the benefits! weeeeeeeeee! ok.. going now... time to kick back n enjoy the hols! have fun everyone!


PengPeng彬彬 said...

have fun audrey and besra is like so so so sweet, butter won't melt !!!!

Fely said...

Hey! Nia's doing Incy Wincy too. Will try to get a video of her doing it if and when I can. Girls are just the cutest thing aren't they? I love my little singer and I bet you do too! Has daddy taught her 'This littly piggy' yet?


tiee said...

yep. the long walk to board the ship was not fun at all. I think my kids love the inside of the ship rather than the bookshop itself. haha..Just imagine you did a one hour cardio. Should be great for your metabolism. *wink*

raul and lisa (lisa specially) love nursery rhymes too. They know almost all the rhymes. But mummy and daddy are too tired to sing it repeatedly! haha..

ash said...

Nice look for your blog! I asked my sis to come have a look at your newest pics and she said 'Duh i read audrey's blog' :) Hugs and kisses to everyone.