Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My childhood bestfriend's wedding, congrats Linda & Jassnie!!

Linda lookin stunnin! Just the two of us.. ;-)

The lovely couple! The 3 musketeers!!!

Last Saturday, history was made.. hehe the last of the 3 musketeers is safely married away according to her father! i thought that was quite a funny way of puttin it! anyway, take a look at that dress! linda has always had a way of making ppl's heart stop, not just jassnie's that night! lookin more than gorgeous girl!

Lin n I have been friends since primary 4. used to hang out at her house alot.. n can even remember her mom taking us to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the cinema.. haha.. spent alot of time just hanging out at her house... She's been gettin bouquet of roses for valentine's since primary school.. haha.. luckily i'm a strong character or it would have really bugged me to walk in her beautiful shadow all these years! hehe..

Another highlight of the evening was catching up with Deviana... she's actually Linda's other best friend (yeah yeah i know i have many best friends, but they r best in their own categories!) and it was nice to just chat with her and see where life has taken us since graduating from secondary school.. ;-) hey Devi, if you're reading this, after u finish your baking course, remember to call me for the tasting session! hehe!

To Lin & Jas, so happy for u guys, u both look great together! May you be blessed with many gorgeous children and a happiliy ever after! hugs n kisses!

Devi & I.. catchin up! ;-) Devi & hubby!


tiee said...

she's gorgeous. i thought she's a model or something. congrats to her and hubby. U do look great yourself.

Bea said...

that's such a gorgeous dress!!!

Fely said...

Aiyo Audrey!!! How gorgeous is that friend of yours!!! And that dress!! You look stunning too though X